Types of Military hats for Outdoors -Boonie Hat Vs. Bucket Hat


Whether it is a Boonie hat or bucket hat you love, we must know both types of hat. Each hat type has different applications and serves different purposes. For example, it is not a better option to wear the bucket hat for military personnel. So, we need to divide the use of hats accordingly.

So, we will go through both types of a hat and hold a comparison between them to understand them effectively.

What's the Boonie hat?

Boonie hat; don't you think this word looks elusive. Boonie hats are usually part of uniforms or military officials serving the features of sunlight protection and durability. They work better in the spring or summer season and provide users with multiple features like lower pricing, excellent material quality, and different colors.

These Boonie hats are very helpful in combats, especially for the soldiers, so soldiers wear such types of hats. Camouflage color makes it more beautiful or even the best choice for fashion purposes. You can hang something when on a journey.

What's the bucket hat?

You might have observed the bucket hat. As a fashion accessory, we have seen many people wearing it all around.

The bucket hats are particular types of hats that have a downward sloping of the brim. They have a crown above with a slopping projection. Sometimes, it isn't easy to differentiate the brim from the peak.

They are fashion inventory that offers more durability and colorful patterns for multiple purposes. If you go fishing, you can wear these bucket hats for a better experience.

Boonie Hat Vs. Bucket Hat

Do you want to get a detailed comparison of both of these? If yes, you are simply at the best guide. Here is a detailed comparison.


Boonie Hat

Bucket Hat

Outdoor Scenes

For uniform, military, or fashion purposes

Usually, it is a fashion accessory or sometimes used by the anglers.


It can protect from heat, absorb the sweat pouring out of the head, is the low maintenance required, and is easily portable.

More stylish than the Boonie heat, portable, and lightweight. It is designed especially for cold or warm



The view doesn't appear better due to the brim.


Made up of cotton material, usually

It contains tweed.

Hat size

They have a larger size

The size is less than the Boonie hat


Relatively lightweight

These have more weight when compared to the Boonie hats.

Hang Equipment

Hanging equipment features are available

It does not have hanging equipment features.

Fit in bad weather

These are suitable for bad weather in summer and spring

They can work in all seasons apart from summer and spring; you can include winter and fall


These are less durable when compared to a bucket hat

They are more durable, especially if they contain tweed material.


Low care and maintenance still works for these hats

A high level of care is essential to protect such hats from working out quickly


Price is around $10-$20

It is a bit expensive, $10-$20



After discussing the whole scenario and different types of hats, have you reached a decision? Usually, it isn't easy to decide which one is best until you answer the following questions.

  • What is the purpose of a hat?
  • What size do you prefer?
  • Do you want a durable option?

Considering all these factors, you can reach a practical decision in this case. However, in this case, I can announce a verdict based on the purpose.

If you want a stylish hat fashion, bucket hats are usually suitable. If you want a low-budget, military hat for your journey, a Boonie hat would be a better choice. So, first, focus on your requirements and then move ahead to buying the relevant type of hat.

Best Boonie hat recommended

GLORY FIRE Boonie Hat Military Tactical Boonie Hats For Men Women

GloryFire is a top brand for Boonie hats. You can check the GloryFire Boonie hat for your fashion or uniform wearable. High-quality material with durable features lets you all the elements in one place. Interested in knowing more about it? Check the features below and understand the pros and cons to increase your knowledge about it.

· Key features

  • It contains mixed levels of cotton and polyester. Approximately the polyester is around 35%, with the 65% of cotton.
  • GloryFire Boonie hat contains the drawstring to fix your hat during the wind or rainy season.
  • Unique oversized brim to adjust the protection mechanism from the sunlight.
  • Hanging mechanism to hang anything in front of the hat.

Are not these features enough to impress you with this quality Boonie hat?

· Pros

  • Available in multiple sizes suitable for adults.
  • Durable and lightweight to wear
  • Provides complete protection from sunlight
  • Comfortable to wear

· Cons

  • Breathing problems are possible.



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