GLORYFIRE Gun Cleaning Kit Classic Rifle Handgun Shotgun Pistol kit

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  • Introducing our classic gun cleaning kit, perfect for all your gun cleaning needs. As a result of our year-long research and analysis of various high-end American gun cleaning kits available on the market, we have developed a superior quality and affordable option for customers. The kit is specially designed to offer all shooting amateurs the ideal selection of pistol cleaning kit, rifle cleaning kit, and shotgun cleaning kit on Amazon.

  • Our kit includes brass brushes available in a wide variety of calibers ranging from .17 to 12GA, rifle cleaning kit and shotgun cleaning kit, making it suitable for most types of guns. We have also taken great care in developing our reinforced and lengthened rod made of special material, which is patented and the best quality rod available in the same price range. With a total length of 37.8 inches, our rod is perfect for longer barrel use without breaking easily.

  • We provide you more calibers to fit more types of guns. Brass brushes: .17 / .20 / .22 / .35 / 9mm / .40 / .45 / .22 / .243 / .270 / 5.56mm / .38 / .30 / .410 / .50 / 12GA / 16 GA / 20GA / 28GA; Brass jags: .17 / .22 / .248 / .35 / 9mm / .25 / .270 / .30 / .338 / .375 / .40 / .44 / .45 / .50; Cotton mops: .17 / .30 / .40 / .22 / .35 / 9mm / .410 / .50 / 12GA / 20GA.

  • We use high-quality brass for our brushes, which have aluminum cores that are resistant to bending during use, ensuring durability. The bristles of the brass brush are made using high-quality brass and are not easily bend or shed. Our kit also includes cotton mops in a range of calibers, making it easy to give your gun a deep clean. All our accessories are marked with their respective caliber, allowing for easy identification and convenient storage.

  • The durable case includes 100% cotton fabric lining to protect your gun cleaning kit and accessories. We have also taken into consideration the unique needs of pistol cleaning kits, with our case holding all items securely such as the pistol cleaning kit, so that you can effectively clean your pistol with ease. In addition to providing a superior quality gun cleaning kit, we are dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction, and we stand behind our product, offering a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

  • Our classic gun cleaning kit is perfect for both professionals and shooting enthusiasts. Don't settle for subpar gun cleaning kits; choose ours and experience the difference in quality.