Imagine you are sitting in your living area with your handgun and decide to clean it. You pick up your best sweeping cloth and be comfortable on the floor with your equipment. Suddenly, you spill some of the greasy oil on your posh wooden floor, and you know it will leave that wet stain!

Now what? This is when; you must decide to buy the best handgun cleaning mat of 2021 to avoid such incidents and ensure quality cleaning with lesser risks.

Every gun owner knows the importance of cleaning his ammunition repeatedly to ensure smooth use. Yet, most people don't know the significance of a cleaning mat. The outcome is oil splotches all over the deck. Cleaning guns for gun owners is crucial, and this can’t be denied.

However, choosing the right mat is also important. If you have a garage or a workshop, you can still clean your handgun. On the contrary, a suitable cleaning mat will enable you to clean your guns even in your living room, or any other private area of your residence.

Given multiple choices, look at the features, specifications, feasibilities, pros, and cons of each product before buying.


You need to create a checklist before buying the most suitable cleaning mat. You need to ask yourself a few questions before choosing the best gun cleaning mats available in the market. We have handpicked a few questions for you.

Furthermore, we suggest what you should keep in mind while doing your research before you buy a gun mat. 

No one needs a monster and hefty firearm tangle, which can't be conveyed in anyplace! The cleaning mat should guarantee that quality cleaning.

Cleaning weapons can be dull. You need some excellent accessories to create some enthusiasm. A chair will be advantageous, alongside a fully outfitted kit to resolve all your concerns. A handgun cleaning mat is equipment you need to clean out your weapons properly.

Now there are some points you need to consider before choosing the best handgun mat for cleaning. Some of the reasons are listed below and sums up almost every aspect covered in this article.

There is always a list of questions that runs through your head for every fancy product you purchase. This ensures you get the explanations and the information you desire. Take a look at the questions below to help you make up your mind:

  • Is The Mat You Are Purchasing Worth It?

This question sums up most of your concerns. If you are paying for the best handgun cleaning mat of 2022, make sure that it fulfills the criteria of your needs and requirements. Answering this question is important to make sure you get quality for your money.

A good quality handgun cleaning mat is compact, lightweight, and can be used on any surface. Furthermore, the material utilized in producing the cleaning mat should be porous. A porous material is gentle and won’t leave scratch marks on your handgun.

  • What Are The Advantages Of Buying The Cleaning Mat?

Take a look at the advantages as well as the disadvantages of the product before purchasing. Ensure that the benefits meet your criteria and the cleaning requirements. Briefly, note down the weaknesses to know what you can ignore based on the price.

  • Is it Wise to Invest in Gun Mats Approved by Experts?

Handgun mats approved by experts are of high quality and get the job done. Approved mats make sure you get prices, quality, and most importantly functionality, right. The mat should have a firm grip on the surface without scratching or sliding around.

The mat also needs to have a grip on your weapon when cleaning. This makes maneuvering the weapon when cleaning it possible.

  • Where Can I Find The Best Quality Mats?

The best handgun cleaning mat of 2022 is surely available in the market, only if you know where to look! The quickest way to pick the best mat in the market is to compare quality and prices. Never forget to look at the reviews other users have left on the product quality and functions.

Certain types of firearm cleaning mats can be utilized to clean handguns. It’s important to go for the best handgun cleaning mat because general weapon cleaning mats are used on different guns.

Choose mats of premium quality because they make cleaning your handgun easy with minimal effort. Handgun cleaning mats provide excellent resources to people who want to clean their guns. This is the reason mat manufacturers keep on advancing gun cleaning mats to improve the cleaning process.

  • Is The Quality Of The Mat The Best In The Market?

In 2020, multiple quality handgun cleaning mats were released. In 2022, an updated list was published to help you make an informed decision. In this article, we have gathered the best handgun mat choices in extreme detail. We tell you the things you need to know to get the quality you demand.

As a buyer, the questions above are some of the most important ones you need to ask yourself before purchasing. Answering the questions will help you make up your mind in picking the best handgun cleaning mat. Buy the best quality handgun mats at your convenience!

We know that you might be having more questions. If that the case, the best way to answer them is by asking us more questions to get all the answers you want. All your questions will be read and answered to help you make the final decision.

It is essential to conduct your research before buying a gun cleaning mat. Ensure that you are left doubtless before purchasing the item.

We have uniquely designed standards to create a list of the top 10 gun cleaning mats in the market right now. We make sure that these gun mats have the following features:

  • Positive reviews with no reputation for damage, or bad reviews. This ensures that the mats are genuine and technologically advanced.
  • User-friendly features and specifications of the product. These specifications should make the product easy to use. It should also be portable to enable users to clean their handguns anywhere.
  • Make sure the handgun mat is of good quality and durable. You can tell this by checking whether the mat’s features match those being advertised. A durable handgun cleaning mat is of high quality at the right price.
  • Check the weight of the mat to make sure it’s not too heavy. The best handgun cleaning mats are easy to carry anywhere. Heavier mats are difficult to carry.
  • Look for negative customer reviews and ratings. Customers never lie. The product that you are purchasing should have positive and informative feedback on the internet. It boosts your trust in the value of the brand you’re buying.

Now, let’s take a look at the list of the best handgun cleaning mats of 2022. The best mats are made of leak-proof material, specifically designed for gun cleaning. Nonetheless, picking the right mat for your handgun is important.

If you have a garage or a workshop, you can do the cleaning there. However, a decent cleaning mat will enable you to clean your firearms in your lounge, or some other private part of your home. Before deciding to buy a gun mat you must consider all the pros cons before making the final decision.


NUMBER #1 - GLORYFIRE Gun Cleaning Mat- Spray Gun Cleaning Pad

This gun cleaning mat measures 12”x36” inches and is ¼ thick. The mat is designed to have good pressure resistance. It protects the accessories of your gun. The mat is made with high-performance technology. For example, it has a protective layer that is resistant to oil and water.

The mat is easy to clean and looks new after being wiped. Furthermore, clear instruction diagrams are printed on it. You can see the places to put your gun accessories. The mat is made of environment-friendly material with a strong grip on the surface. The material is reliable and durable. The material is also comfortable and will not deteriorate with a few uses.

Surely, the GLORYFIRE Gun Cleaning Mat can be categorized as the best gun cleaning mat of 2022, on top of the list.

The outstanding feature of this mat is that it’s compact. The mat can be easily rolled up and stored in a special cylinder that comes with it. The mat has an elaborate graphic printed in white against a black background. Additionally, the oil and water-resistant surface protect your cleaning table from solvents.

The GLORYFIRE Gun Cleaning Mat is compact and lightweight which makes it easy for the user to maneuver. Nobody wants a giant and heavy gun mat that cannot be carried anywhere.

The Pros

  • The mat comes with 4 pieces of double-ended plastic picks to help you clean stubborn areas on your handgun. The plastic sticks are perfect for light cleaning and don’t cause scratches.  
  • It includes a storage case, which makes it a perfect gift for gun lovers.
  • The mat has an easy-to-follow graphic guide. It enables people to know the step they need to take to clean a gun properly. The pictures on the mat come with tutorials to make sure all the steps are being followed rightly.
  • It can be rolled up quickly and stored inside a cylinder. Portable mats are essential because they can be taken anywhere.

The Cons

  • The gun cleaning mat is not wide enough. Narrow mats may make the cleaning process uncomfortable for the users.
  • The graphics printed on the mat are many and this may confuse the user.

NUMBER #2 - Essential Gun Maintenance Mat- The Softest and Highly Absorbent Gun Cleaning Pad

The essential gun cleaning mat is a product of the Lyman brand that enables you to clean your gun like a pro. The mat has a firm cushioned surface which makes it perfect for assembling and dissembling guns. The mat can be used for cleaning and repairing the firearm.

The mat is designed with a molded compartment that prevents oil spills and holds small parts in place. The mat is chemical resistant and can be clean with soap and water. The Essential Gun Cleaning mat by Lyman measures 15.75” x 10.”

The mat is made from synthetic rubber and this gives it a firm grip on the surface. Besides, it protects your gun and the surface you’re working on.

The Pros

  • The mat is chemical resistant and protects your gun and the cleaning table.
  • It’s made of synthetic rubber that gives the mat a firm grip on the surface.
  • The mat has compartments to hold gun parts and prevent oil spills.

The Cons

  • The mat is relatively small compared to the rest. This may make the cleaning process a little bit difficult because you have to watch your space.
  • The mat looks think and rigid to be folded up. This may make it difficult to carry around.

NUMBER #3 - Drymate Gun Cleaning Pad- The Most Breakthrough Gun Cleaning Pad 

This gun cleaning pad is designed to protect your gun and the cleaning surface from scratches and oil spills. The mat is made of soft, super absorbent material that is waterproof. It helps contain spilled cleaners and solvents. It protects both your firearm and the surface below from spilled liquids.

The mat comes in different standard sizes that measure “12x20”, 16”x20”, 14”x46”, 16”x54”, and 16”x59.” Select sizes of the mat have a magnetic bowl for holding small gun parts. This gun cleaning mat qualifies as one of the best cleaning mats of 2022 because it’s one of the best in the market. One of the advantages of the cleaning mat is that it can be used to clean rifles and shotguns.

The Pros

  • The pad is made of durable and long-lasting material. The Drymate Max material is designed for greater durability.
  • The mat protects your handgun and the surface from spilled solvents and scratches during cleaning.
  • Some sizes come with a magnetic bowl to hold small parts.
  • The pad is easy to roll up and store because of its compact shape.
  • The mat can be washed with a machine which makes it easy to clean up.

The Cons

  • The gun cleaning mat has no graphics printed on it to guide the user.
  • The mat is a bit thinner than its competitors. Thin mats are problematic and uncomfortable.
  • The design of the mat is relatively plain. This may make people choose mats with better designs.


NUMBER #4 - Tipton 1911

This mat is made of perfect material that makes it suitable for cleaning or disassembling guns. The mat is made of padded neoprene which prevents your firearm from damage while helping in tracking small parts.

The material enables the mat to absorb excess oil and solvent. This keeps your cleaning table clean and dry. Moreover, the mat is easy to roll up and fit your storage box. The mat is washable by hands. It’s designed with trace parts that enable you to keep track of the disabled gun parts. The mat measures 11”x17” inches.

The Pros

  • The mat is imprinted with graphics that make it easy to identify gun parts.
  • The padded neoprene material protects your gun and cleans the surface from scratches.
  • The mat is made of impact-resistant rubber that has a firm grip on the surface.
  • The material absorbs oil and solvent which prevents the chemical from damaging the table or the work surface.

The Cons

  • The mat is relatively short in length which means you may need extra space to keep small gun parts.

NUMBER #5 - Real Avid Smart Mat- The Smartest Gun Cleaning Pad

The Real Avid Smart Mat has been described as a gun cleaning mat on steroids. The mat is large enough to create space to clean shotguns and full-sized riffles. The mat comes with an ingenious tray that keeps your pins, spring, and bolts safe.

The mat has an oil-resistant surface and is made of material with a firm grip on the surface. This enables you to clean your gun properly without making your kitchen dirty. The mat measures 19” x16.” It offers you a surface large enough to enable you to disassemble a handgun fully.

The Pros

  • The mat is oil and solvent resistant.
  • The mat comes with a tray to keep small gun parts.
  • It has a magnetic compartment.

The Cons

  • The width of the mat is relatively small. This may limit the directions you can maneuver your firearms.


NUMBER #6 - TekMat M&P Handgun Cleaning Mat

TekMat M&P Handgun Cleaning mat is considered a revolutionary mat that adds style and accelerates the cleaning process. The gun cleaning mat has two layers meant to protect your firearms. The mat offers protection during disassembling, repairing, cleaning, and wiping.

The manual of TekMat M & M&P Handgun Cleaning Mat has components that can help the user in evaluating the cleaning process to know whether it’s proceeding correctly.

The mat is also designed to protect your space from oil or chemicals that can spill during the gun cleaning process. Moreover, you can wash the mat when it gets dirty.

TekMat M&P Handgun Cleaning Mat is made by, a subsidiary of Beck Tek, LLC. The company specializes in producing unique products for its niche markets. There is an extensive line of cleaning mats produced by Beck Tek available on their website tailored to suit your needs.

Guns mats from the company enable gun owners to clean their equipment safely. Just make sure that the cleaning process is fun. Handgun cleaning mats from TekMat are aesthetically appealing while maintaining high functionality.

TekMats’ handgun cleaning mat is large enough to handle any spills from a fully disassembled handgun. It creates more room for tools and accessories. The mat has a padding of 1/8 an inch. This mat has a premium look. The mat is of high quality with extra protection against any oil drops that may spill while cleaning your handgun.

The mat is made from a soft thermoplastic fiber. This ensures that guns are free from any scratch. The thick 1/8 vulcanized rubber will also protect your work surface from any damage. Additionally, it helps you avoid any harmful chemicals from staining your desk. This mat makes regular cleaning a more straightforward process.

The TekMat M&P Handgun Cleaning Mat has a length and width of 11 x 17 inches. The large dimensions enable the user to disassemble all the parts without the fear of losing any. This protects your firearm and the work surface from damage or scratches. 

The mat meets high standards and is water resistance, scratch-proof, and oil-resistant. Moreover, the mat is durable. This cannot be seen in other locally made gun cleaning mats. This mat is one of the best gun cleaning mats of 2022.

This gun cleaning mat includes simple, easy-to-follow diagrams that help guide you. Furthermore, it is easier to clean and store when you are done with your work.

For the production of TekMat M & M&P Handgun Cleaning Mat, the company worked with numerous designers and suppliers to test the quality of the product. The mat is also designed to protect your firearms.

In short, TekMat M&P Handgun Cleaning Mat is the perfect gun cleaning mat for your needs. The mat has a streamlined design, high functionality, eye-catching, and durability. The mat is made of high-quality components, which can be disassembled. This mat enables you to freely clean your gun because of its design.

A gun cleaning mat is important in taking care of the issues that may arise while cleaning your handgun. This is the gear that you need to clear out your weapons properly.

The Pros

  • Protects your gun fully while cleaning it in your workstation. Everybody needs a mat that has all the features to protect the arsenal completely.
  • The oversized design of the mat is not seen among competitors. The design of the mat makes it possible for people to use it anywhere because it’s portable.
  • The mat has a smooth texture. The smooth surface will also protect your skin.
  • It is extremely easy to use.

The Cons

  • The price of this mat is higher compared to the rest.
  • The larger size can sometimes be a problem for the user in their private space/ workspace.

NUMBER #7 - Sage and Braker Waxed Canvas Leather Gun Cleaning Mat

This gun cleaning mat is made of the best wool, horse leather, and waxed canvas. The mat is trimmed and held together with rough leather. The mat was designed with the intention for it to be used across generations.

The Pros

  • The mat is made of the highest quality materials that include 12 Oz waxed canvas, thick leather, and heavy wool.
  • The mat folds easily and big enough when unfolded to enable you to clean your firearm.
  • It comes with trays to hold all your cleaning products.
  • The mat is made using high technology that protects your workspace and gun.

The Cons

  • The mat is relatively narrow compared to other mats in the same category.


This article has provided seven major options that can be considered the best handgun cleaning mat in 2022. Choose a handgun cleaning mat that ensures 100% quality. Quality is always the prime concern of users when purchasing gun cleaning mats in 2022.

We have given you the pros and cons of each cleaning mat that will help you make an informed decision. Quality is preserved in each of the choices. This enables you to protect your handgun and make sure you clean it in safe surroundings.