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Universal Gun Cleaning Kit Luxury

$99.99 USD

Bluetooth Shooting Ear Protection

$179.99 USD


GLORYFIRE is dedicated to providing the best possible gear to those who need it most.

Since I have many different caliber handguns and rifles I decided to finally get a lot that has everything I will need for them, plus anything new I end up getting. Brushes and rods are great quality, and the case is awesome and holds everything with a nice quality zipper. Excited to have everything all in one place now
— Brian Q.
I have tried many electronic earmuffs and earbuds but these are the best! They are more compact than earmuffs and easier to use with a hat/beanie without impacting cheek placement on a rifle. My muffs hit the stock everytime but these are too compact to have that issue. My favorite feature is how well I can perceive directionality. Many muffs that I have tried just project sound into your ears and you can't tell where something is, especially when hunting, but these do it perfectly. I was surprised at how well they stay secure in my ears when walking around, climbing, and even eating. I wear ear plugs for work regularly and never get this good of a fit. No batteries to replace since these recharge and USB-C plug, just like all of my other electronics.
— P C.