GLORYFIRE Shooting Ear Protection 26dB Noise Reduction Electronic Silencer Earbuds

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  • [Superior Noise Suppression] Our shooting ear protection is the best shooting ear protection for reducing noise in high-noise environments like shooting ranges, with a noise reduction rating of 26 decibels. Our ear protection for shooting is equipped with a sound pickup function that amplifies normal sounds without distortion. This shooting hearing protection allows you to hear normal or light sounds while protecting your hearing from damaging noise levels.

  • [Two Advanced Noise Reduction Modes] Our ear protection for shooting has two noise level functions, indoor and outdoor mode, making it the perfect hearing protection for shooting in noisy environments. It allows you to hear the sound of normal speech nearby while still providing noise-reducing earplugs for use in high-noise environments, such as shooting, training, manufacturing, and construction.

  • [Extended Battery Life] Our shooting ear protection comes with a portable charging case and an anti-loss silicone tether. The shooting ear plugs charging case can last for up to 24 hours when fully charged and charge the earbuds 3 times. These shooting earbuds are smaller and lighter than traditional noise-reducing earbuds and provide hearing protection for shooting that combines compatibility, portability, and comfort, making it the perfect ear protection for shooting. 

  • [Effortless to Use] Our shooting ear protection is easy to use, with just a simple press and hold of the power button to turn on and off the electronic hearing protection. To switch between the sound modes, press the button once briefly and feel the sound change to make sure you switch to the desired mode. Our shooting ear plugs will automatically turn off and emit 3 beeps after 2 hours of standby, minimizing power consumption, making it the perfect hearing protection for shooting.

  • [Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed] We offer different sizes of earbuds with ear buckles to meet the needs of customers with different ear sizes, making it the best shooting ear protection. Our silicone anti-loss tether can protect the electronic ear plugs from being lost, ensuring you always have the hearing protection for shooting you need. If you have any questions about our shooting ear protection, our customer service team is dedicated to solving all your problems, making it easy to buy with confidence.