GLORYFIRE Bluetooth Shooting Ear Protection 26dB Noise Reduction Electronic Silencer Earbuds

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  • [Bluetooth Features]Our hearing protection earmuffs utilize Bluetooth technology to provide a seamless connection for an enhanced listening experience. Enjoy superior hearing protection while staying connected to your devices. Easily switch between music and calls without removing your ear protection, whether you're on the shooting range or taking a phone call. Our Bluetooth earmuffs ensure a wireless experience for your convenience.

  • [Three Modes]"Outdoor" mode offers maximum sound and distance, "Indoor" mode provides normal sound for close-range situations, and "Mute" mode allows for Bluetooth audio or calls. Adjust your hearing protection based on your current environment. These noise-canceling earplugs deliver optimal sound and protection, whether you're outdoors or indoors.

  • [Hearing Protection]Safeguard your hearing with a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of up to 26, and the product is tested and certified to ANSI standards. Advanced technology limits sound output to 85 decibels, ensuring your hearing remains undamaged during extended use. These shooting-oriented hearing protection products are designed with safety in mind, providing certified noise reduction to protect your hearing.

  • [Clear Voice] Immerse yourself in clear voice communication using our earplugs. They feature optimized noise reduction for both ambient and surrounding sounds, along with a carefully designed acoustic structure. Communicate more clearly even in noisy environments. Our noise-canceling earmuffs come equipped with advanced voice tracking technology, making them an ideal choice for effective communication in loud settings. Stay in touch and interact with flawless audio quality.

  • [Fast Response]React quickly to sudden gunshot sounds. Our hearing protection devices have an ultra-fast 0.5-millisecond response time, effectively suppressing rapid, unexpected noise. Stay vigilant and protected in shooting scenarios. These earplugs offer rapid response capabilities to ensure you're always prepared for sudden loud noises. Utilize this cutting-edge feature to enhance your safety and situational awareness.

  • [Stylish and Portable]Elevate your shooting gear with stylish and compact hearing protection earplugs. They feature an elegant design that showcases your personality on the shooting range. The wireless and compact design makes them easy to carry and store, ensuring you're always prepared. Whether you're a professional shooter or an enthusiast, our electronic earplugs are a fashionable choice in your shooting accessories. They protect your hearing without sacrificing style.

  • [Unmatched Comfort]Experience long-lasting luxury comfort during shooting. Our shooting earplugs are ergonomically designed, with various earplug head sizes available to conform to your ear's contours, preventing discomfort and fatigue during extended use. These electronic earplugs for shooting are durable and capable of withstanding the rigors of the shooting range.