11 Ways You Can Use Your Poncho for Survival-Be Prepared

Ponchos are made out of a tough, durable, and waterproof material. They are large and mostly have a hood attached. Ponchos that seem to protect you as a raincoat are something capable of way too many things.

 A poncho can be the multi-purpose survival garment that you may want to carry in every expedition. It can convert into a portdable shelter, a tent, a waterproof bag as well as a water carrier. Furthermore, it can serve you as a ground-to-air signal flag, a wound wrap, a rope, and even a cold compress.

That’s not all folks! There is much more to add. But you have to read the complete article to know about 11 ways you can use your poncho for survival. Here is the list of 11 possible ways in which ponchos can help you survive:

1. Build a Waterproof Shelter (Tarp Shelters)

Ponchos are made out of waterproof material, and thus, can be used to set up a tent when needed. If you experience sudden intense weather conditions on the way, and can’t find an appropriate shelter, then a poncho is the perfect choice for you. All you need to convert your poncho into a shelter are a few sticks or stakes and a paracord or rope.

A poncho can be turned into a wide variety of shelters by following a few steps. Its material is strong enough to protect you from the scorching heat, stormy winds, and heavy rains.

A poncho can be converted into the following different tent types:

Poncho Shelter 1: Pup Tent Style1

The pup styled tent can be set up by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Tie a paracord to an anchor point
  • Push the cord loop through one of the grommets
  • insert a twig into a loop
  • Repeat the process for the other side of the poncho
  • Shut the hood area to prevent the entrance of any precipitation or pests

Poncho Shelter 2: Pup Tent Style2

This tent style is more useful as it improves visibility, airflow, and heat transfer. It can be set up by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Drive some sticks into the ground using a hammer or a shovel
  • Use sticks to hold the tent’s front
  • Tie the sticks with the help of grommets.
  • You may also use tent stakes instead of sticks.

Poncho Shelter 3: Lean-to

The lean-to tent style is more suitable for windy conditions. This shelter type would prevent shelters from ripping apart due to strong winds. This tent style can be set up by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Collect some Y-shaped tree branches
  • Make a stake out of them
  • Tie the poncho to the stake

Poncho Shelter 4: A-Frame Shelter

The A-frame shelter, as the name suggests, forms an A-shape when built. It can be set up by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Tie cordage between two trees
  • Fragment the poncho down the middle
  • Tie the four poncho corners to the ground

Forming an A-shaped shelter often requires more than a single poncho.

Poncho Shelter 5: The Hooch

The hooch covers all of the occupants from all sides. You may follow the below-mentioned steps to set up a nice hooch:

  • Find a strong tree branch
  • Tie cordage with the branch
  • Tie the poncho’s hood with the cordage
  • Tie all the corners to the ground using sticks or tent stakes

Poncho Style 6: The Cauldron

The cauldron is yet another easy-to-build tent.  You may follow the below-mentioned steps to set up a decent cauldron:

  • Find three branches. Two of them need to Y-shaped while the third one should be a straight
  • Drive the two Y-shaped branches into the ground.
  • Put the straight branch on the top of the two Y-shaped branches.
  • Set up the poncho across the branch.
  • Tie the poncho’s corners to the ground through grommets.

Poncho Shelter 7: The Ghost Man

The Ghost man is a multi-purpose shelter. It can act as a sun-shed, a rain-shed as well as a hunting blind. You may follow the below-mentioned steps to set up a ghost man shelter:

  • Tie cordage to two trees or posts
  • Find a clean straight branch.
  • Use the straight branch to hold the poncho from its hood to the bottom
  • Round the end of the branch holding the hood

2. Use as a Sack or Bag

A poncho can also be used as a waterproof bag to store your things and protect them from moisture. Cut the poncho from a corner to make a bag out of it. You may also simply fold the poncho and form a pouch without cutting.

3. Collect Rain Water to Drink

You may run out of water during your journey. This is where a poncho can save your day. Ponchos can act as rain catchers. Lay down the poncho in a low spot or a hole, and let it collect all the rainwater for you, and that too, without any leakage. Make sure that the poncho is clean before collecting some rainwater.

4. Emergency Heat

A poncho can be your heat source in cold environments. Wear it or wrap it around for protection against cold winds or snowfall. A poncho made from clear plastic can create the greenhouse effect. This further improves the heat supply to your body.

5. Ground Trap

The ground is wet and soggy in damp areas. This can cause a huge problem while camping in such areas. The damp ground wets the bedding, which can cause problems while sleeping. A poncho can protect your bedding from getting wet.  Spread the poncho over the ground under the survival shelter or tent. Since a poncho is waterproof, therefore, it won’t let the bedding get wet

6. Cold Compress

A cold compress is required to break a fever, reduce the injury pain, and for the reduction of swelling. A poncho can save your day if you are going through any of these circumstances. Put some ice or snow inside a poncho and fold it. Tada! Your cold compress is ready.

7. Wound Wrap

A piece of poncho strip can serve you as a wound wrap. Cut down the poncho into a strip of the required size and wrap it around the wound. Now, tape it.  This will not only protect your wound but also keep your dressings clean and dry.

8. Trail Marker

A Poncho can be used as a trail marker for dark or jumbled up paths.  Cut down small stripes out of a poncho and tie them to visible spots throughout your way. This will help you in navigating your way back in case you get lost.

9. Rain Fly for your Gear

 A poncho can become a rain protector for your goods. It can keep your tent, luggage, laptop, phone, and every single important thing dry and safe. A poncho can store your gear, tools, and equipment in a well-organized and protected manner.

10. Rope

A poncho can also be transformed into a rope! Cut the poncho into strips and tightly twist them to form a cord. You can use this cord for lightweight carrying purposes. However, a cord made out of a poncho might not be able to carry heavier loads.

11.Garbage Bag

A poncho can also be reshaped into a garbage bag! It will keep all the trash away from the rest of the stuff. Since a poncho is made out of waterproof material, therefore, it can even store liquid waste, keeping the rest of the stuff dry and clean.

Top 5 Military Ponchos that can be turned into Shelter

Here is a list of the top 5 military ponchos that can be turned into a shelter. These ponchos are made out of a stronger and more flexible material, which makes them ideal for military usage.

1. Foxelli Hooded Rain Poncho

This poncho is made of high-quality material. It offers protection from intense weather conditions i.e., heavy rain, stormy wind, etc. Furthermore, it is tear-resistant. Other uses of a Foxelli Hood Rain Poncho include protection against the sun, usage as a camping blanket, and a tent cover. This hooded rain poncho can be transformed into a sleeping bag when needed.

2. Anyoo Waterproof Rain Poncho

Anyoo waterproof rain poncho ensures protection against moisture. It is designed to act as a water repellent. This poncho keeps you super dry even in heavy rains. It comes with a hood that protects the face. Furthermore, it also has hook-and-loop fasteners. These fasteners assist in fit wear. The hooks are very useful when using the poncho as a shelter.

3. GLORYFIRE Poncho Tactical Ripstop Raincoat Multi-Use For Camping Hiking Climbing

This top-notch poncho is especially designed to save you and your stuff from rainwater. It has double waterproof brims to ensure 100% protection from rain storms. That’s not all folks! The GLORYFIRE Poncho has a roomy size that fits over packs/bags/chest-packs, a hood with brim part that fits over headwear, and a zipper front to chin for full throat rain coverage. Furthermore, it is portable and can easily fit into its own pocket when folded. This amazing poncho can easily transform into a tent within a minute. It is affordable and a must-have before setting out on a journey.

4. Arcturus Rain Poncho

This Military poncho is very lightweight and compact. Therefore, it is easier to carry on longer journeys or camping trips.  In addition, it is waterproof, enduring, tear-resistant, and sturdy. The Arcturus rain poncho can also be used as a shelter and a groundsheet.

5. M-Tac Rip-stop Waterproof Poncho

The M-Tac Rip-Stop Waterproof Poncho can be used as a sleeping bag, a tarp, a blanket, and a shelter tent. It has metal grommets as well. These grommets are equipped with a cord. The grommets are very helpful when using the poncho as a shelter.

Other Uses of a Poncho:

Some other uses of the ponchos are stated below.

  • Conceal Your Gear and Yourself:

You can use your ponchos to hide your caches. It will protect the caches from intense weather conditions.

  • Used as a Curtain or a door:

A poncho can be used as a curtain or a door for your shelter in wild environments. This will also provide more shade and secure more heat inside the tent. Furthermore, it will prevent bugs from entering your shelter. Use the attached grommets to set the poncho as a door or a curtain.

  • Water collector:

Ponchos can be a lifesaver in case you run out of water. A poncho can store water without any leakage. Dig a hole, place a poncho inside it, and can have clean rainwater stored for present or future use. You can also use a poncho to capture and divert rain into a container that is ready for storage and/or drinking.

To wind up, ponchos can be termed as a must-have during any journey. They take less but give more, consume less but provide more. Ponchos help you tackle various problems. They can be your raincoat, your instant shelter, your food, water, and garbage carrier, your first aid, your navigation guide, and much more. A poncho can even save your life in the worst of circumstances. Thanks to a poncho, you can now enjoy your journey a little more than usual.

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