If you’re an avid shooter or hunter, you know that the most frustrating thing about shooting is picking up your casings after each shooting session or when you are on the move during hunting. Not only does it take so much time, but it can actually be impossible to retrieve casings if there’s mud or marshes. Thankfully, there’s a product on the market that saves you the hassle of collecting fired casings. It is a commonly used firearm accessory called a brass catcher!

What is a pic rail brass catcher and why use it?

Brass catchers are accessories that are attached to the end of the magazine tube of long guns such as rifles and shotguns, designed to catch brass shell casings after they have been ejected from the weapon.

Pic rail (short for Picatinny rail) is a military standard mounting system for firearms accessories. Pic rail brass catcher is essentially a brass catcher that comes with a pic rail attachment which is compatible with pic rails of most firearms.

There are many reasons why you might want to use a brass catcher instead of simply letting your spent casings fall onto the ground:

  • Save Time and Energy from having to pick up all of your shells from scattered directions
  • Protect yourself and others at a shooting range from getting hit by ejected brass
  • Prevent brass casings from damage so you can reload ammunition and cut costs

Factors to consider when buying a pic rail brass catcher

With so many brands and products in the market, keep in mind these six important factors so you select the perfect brass catcher for your needs:

1. Effective Mounting System

Brass catchers offer different mounting systems so you can choose any of these according to your convenience. Mostly, brass catchers come with these three most common mounting systems:

  • Pic rail brass catchers attach to the pic rail on your firearm for a more permanent addition
  • Quick detachment brass catchers employ easy features such as hooks or clips
  • Universal brass catchers with Velcro that can be used with almost all gun models

2. Mesh & Catch Bag Quality

Brass catchers are available in different materials and qualities. Commonly, you will see catch bags made of mesh or canvas with both having different pros and cons. Mesh is lightweight and provides ventilation that can cool down the casings quickly.  Canvas, on the other hand, is a thick material and retains heat so the casings keep hot for longer. However, it is more durable than the mesh catchers.

3. Fit multiple guns

You would want a catcher that can conveniently fit multiple guns so you don’t have to buy extra catchers to be used with each of your arsenals. Check for the compatibility of the brass catcher with different firearms before purchasing. It will save you money and you don’t have to carry extra catchers for every gun.

4. Storage Capacity

Storage capacity or the size of the brass catcher can make or break your experience. A large brass catcher will need to be emptied less often but it could get very heavy with the weight of the brass casings which can affect the balance of the weapon to some extent.

On the contrary, a small catcher might be too small depending upon your needs and you’ll need to empty it more often. However, it will be light and easy on the firearm. So, buy one according to your usage needs.

5. Easy to empty

Look for brass catchers that are easy to empty whenever needed. Zipper closure bottoms or similar mechanism is perfect for easy unloading on the go. Easy to empty brass catchers eliminate the need to dismount the catcher from the weapon every time you need to empty it.

6. Heat resistant

Fired brass casings are very hot. Whether you choose mesh or any other material, ensure that it’s heat-resistant. Otherwise, the catch bag will melt or burn from the heat. A non-heat-resistant brass catcher will develop holes that will make it unusable.  And, the last thing you want is spilled casings from a damaged catcher.

Brass catcher worth shopping

As a shooting or hunting enthusiast, you might be looking for ways to get the best experience when you are out for an adventure. A Gloryfire Pic Rail Brass Catcher can save you time and effort of cleaning up after you are done shooting. This professional-quality product fulfills all international quality standards.

Key features

  • Compatible:Can be mounted on any model with pic rail attachment
  • Material:Uses heat resistant mesh to effortlessly hold hot casings
  • Dimensions:3” wide and 2.1” deep mesh. 5.3” x 3.1” at pic rail attachment
  • Weight:21 lb.
  • Price:$19.90


  • High quality and sturdy built that doesn’t shake during use
  • Specially treated, thicker, and heat resistant mesh that won’t melt from hot casings
  • The perfect size can easily hold 100 empty brass casings
  • Zippered bottom for easy emptying and transporting empty cartridge shells
  • Also comes in a quick-release rail mount version for easy installation


  • Some customers complain about pic rail not fitting on the pic rails of their respective weapons. However, you can contact Gloryfire for a custom-made pic rail brass catcher according to your specific dimensions.

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