You require excellent gear for your outdoor hunting or training activities. Do not forget to get a tactical vest as you purchase your self-defence gear. It is pretty popular among those who love outdoor adventures like you! Let's look at what it entails!

What is a Tactical Vest?

You probably have seen people, especially those who love outdoor activities, that require protection with this gear. Typically, people will wear it on top of their regular clothes when they go for their outdoor activities. It is an essential tool of tactical equipment.

A tactical vest is a heavy-duty material with no collar but buttons on the front part. It has multiple pockets that allow you to attach all the accessories you require for your outdoor escapades. You can place your weapons, cell phones, ammunition and any other necessary thing that you may need.

Why do you need a tactical vest?

The best thing about having a tactical vest is that it has extra storage space. You can easily carry all the items you require for your adventure using the tactical vest's many pockets. You can have immediate access to what you need as you hunt with it.

You require easy access to your sidearm, and the tactical vest does precisely that. It allows you to strap the sidearm to be out of the way. Using a gun will be safe and easy for you if you are using a gun.

Another great thing about the tactical vest is that it will ensure comfort and safety even when facing dangerous situations. You will be able to operate in it well and with confidence. However, you should ensure that you get a perfect size.  

Tactical vests come in many different sizes. Also, they are pretty adjustable to the size that you require. It should fit you just right to navigate comfortably and fast. Therefore, they also have Velcro, making it possible to remove and add pouches to where you feel most convenient.

When hunting or shooting, you require gear that you feel pretty comfortable with. If you use your range bag, you need to open it more often, and its weight on your shoulders might overwhelm you. A tactical vest is perfect for distributing the weight of your equipment across the trunk.

What to put on the Tactical Vest

An excellent tactical vest will reduce the hassle of carrying heavy equipment on your back. When the tools you need the most for hunting are on the outer vest, it gets easier. You will feel comfortable. Accessing them will be easy and be light for you to carry.

There are tons of things that you can keep in your tactical vest. Where you place your items depends on the utility they bring to you. Some of the essential things that you should have in your tactical vest include the following:

  • Flashlight
  • Medical pouch
  • Hydration Bladder
  • Pepper spray
  • Taser
  • Notebooks
  • Compass
  • Keys
  • Pistols
  • Extra Magazines
  • Handcuffs
  • Baton

Ensure that you place things depending on how easily you can access them. If need be, do not fill all the attachment areas. Also, avoid having so many pouches on the front area; otherwise, their weight might get unbearable.

What factors do you consider?

Before settling on a specific tactical vest, look at certain things. You want one whose functionality is excellent, super comfortable and easy to move around with. Here are several things you should consider!


Size and Weight

Your tactical vest needs to have the perfect sizing. To be comfortable on your body, it needs to fit you well. This way, your mobility in the field will be easy.

Also, get a tactical vest that is not too heavy. Most weigh about 2.5lbs which is pretty lightweight. Such design will ensure you are not tired quickly, and also it gives you the protection you require.

Fabric and material

An excellent fabric for a tactical vest needs to have a high tear strength. It also needs to be solid and versatile. A tactical vest with a 500D fabric is excellent and will provide the needed strength. Also, the material you choose to use needs to be shock and dustproof.

You will also need a lightweight material for convenience. You can select the tactical vest with a 3D mesh to be comfortable enough on the inside.

Rapid release

You should check whether your tactical vest has a quick, open connector. Such makes it easy to put it on and take it off.

Storage capacity

Get that tactical vest with a massive storage capacity. Most will have many pouches that you can fit all your gears. You only need to arrange your items depending on how urgent they can be.

How to clean a tactical vest

Cleaning a tactical vest is not a complicated process, but it is essential to be careful as you do it. Maintaining it will ensure that it serves you for a more extended period.

Read the manufacturer's instructions for your tactical vest. Each company uses different materials to make their tactical vest. Therefore the cleaning procedures for each might vary.

General rules for cleaning body armor

Here are the steps you should follow when cleaning the body armor:

Step 1: Remove the panels from the plate carrier

Step 2: Wipe the surfaces of the panels with a damp piece of fabric.

Step 3: Dry all the panels naturally but not expose them to heat.

Step 4: If there are removable fasteners from the carrier, remove them.

Step 5: Wash the carrier with mild but quality products and cold water.

Step 6: Rinse the carrier well and allow it to dry indoors.

What not to do

  1. Avoid washing the tactical vest with bleach, and do not apply deodorant sprays.
  2. Do not wash or dry the body armor in the washing machine
  3. Avoid storing the tactical vest in an area with poor airflow
  4. Please don't iron the panels or expose them to extreme temperatures
  5. Do soak them in water since it will damage them.
  6. If the vest is damaged, do not wear it.

Best Tactical Vests for CS/ Hunting / Training

An excellent tactical vest needs to be comfortable, lightweight and give you the protection required. The GLORYFIRE tactical vests offer this and much more!


Key Features

  • Nylon
  • Imported
  • HIGH QUALITY: The tactical vest composed of 1000D fabric, high-tensile strength thread, and webbing is equipped with a map pouch and three modular heavy-duty mag panels.It comes with two stable side straps as well as adjustable padded shoulder straps. Airsoft vests are fully padded with breathable 3D mesh, which are comfortable and keep you cool by allowing air circulation.
  • FUNCTIONAL-RAPID OPEN:This tactical vest is built with rapid-open connectors on the shoulders and waist that make it easy to quickly put it on and take it off. The unique cummerbund features integrated pockets that can even be accessed through the side pla-te for added protection in case it's required. The ideal training tool for combat training, field work, shooting, hiking, camping, extreme challenges, and military fans alike.
  • MOLLE SYSTEM: Throughout the military vest, there are MOLLE webbing attachment points and optional personalization options. Map pockets with snap-and-hook closures keep important documents within reach, and pla-te pockets offer easy access to soft pocket as needed. Shock-cords and cord locks can be hidden in the back of the vest, not only can the waist and size be adjusted, it can also enhance the feeling of comfort.
  • PERFECT SIZE: Adjustable shoulder strap and cummerbund fit most people from size S to XXXL size: maximum waist 52 inches, minimum waist 32 inches. Retro kit integrates seamlessly with carriers that use hook-and-loop flap systems to fit different waist sizes. In addition, waist belts and shoulder straps can also achieve the effect you want.
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE: This army vest is a very nice gift. We provide a one-year warranty. If you encountered any quality issues regarding this tactical vest, please contact us immediately and we will make every effort to resolve your issue until you are satisfied.

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