What type of hearing protection is best for shooting?


Noise pollution is a significant problem today. High decibel sounds levels have side effects on the brain. Moreover, when you are on a shooting adventure, you will observe serious interference.

So, is there any solution to reduce the noise? Yes. If you are looking for a comprehensive guide on the hearing protection mechanism, this article will be an excellent guide for you.

The importance of hearing protection for shooting

Before highlighting the hearing protection mechanisms, it is better to know the side effects of the noise. There are multiple health risks to hearing protection. These ear protection mechanisms can prevent health risks and provide you following benefits.

· They reduce the noise pollution

Noise pollution poses serious health effects. As per statistics from Europe, approximately environmental noise affects the 48,000 people annually leading to complications like ischemic heart disease. There are many other side effects of noise like mental health problems, anger, and annoyance.

Noise protection mechanisms are effective in that case. When you are on a shooting journey, they dampen the sound of firing from the gun and keep you on the safe side. There is no noise pollution ever again.

· There is a potential decrease in ear problems

Researches and medical studies show the effects of noise pollution on mental health. When you are shooting, guns produce high levels of sounds that can even damage your internal ear. In most cases, when you are not using the noise canceling mechanism, you get used to the high sound levels. Higher sound levels cause headaches, anxiety, depression, and many other ear-related diseases.

Ear protection pieces such as earmuffs can reduce the sound levels to a greater extent. It will keep your ear anatomy safe and sound.

· Long Term Comfort

It is a significant problem when it comes to wearing ear protection mechanisms. Most pieces available out there are easy to wear and use. They absorb the higher sound levels and provide you with safety when shooting for hours.

· Increased target awareness

This effect is mainly observed with electronic earmuffs. The electronic earmuffs can detect different decibel levels of sound. They dampen the higher sound levels like that of gun firing and amplify the lower sound levels like that of target movements. So, it ensures a great hunting experience.

Different Types Of Ear Protection

There are three fundamental types of ear protection mechanisms. You need to understand each one thoroughly and decide on which one is better for you in that case.

Here are three types.

Ear Plugs

Earplugs are the most straightforward design of the ear protection mechanism—no rocket science is involved in this ear protection piece. These are foam or cotton pieces that offer noise reduction features at home or in adventurous places.

They are inexpensive pieces with a single-use and provide adequate protection. Here is a further analysis of its pros and cons.

· Pros

  • They are a cheap option to choose.
  • The storage process is relatively straightforward and effortless.
  • They can fit a variety of ear canals.

· Cons

  • Risks of infections are there.
  • They can be used only once.

Passive Earmuffs

Passive earmuffs are a better option when compared to earplugs. They offer better sound protection, reduce loud sounds, and provide the ultimate protection you need.

They are a bit expensive and can be used again and again. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of passive earmuffs.

· Pros

  • Easy to use and fit the ear size
  • They provide better protection from dangerous sounds.
  • Multiple uses are possible.

· Cons

  • These are a bit expensive option

Electronic Earmuffs

Electronic earmuffs are a great option operated electronically. Electronic earmuff has dual features of the sound. By that means, they reduce the hazardous sounds but amplify the quieter sounds. It encourages you to concentrate on the target voices and keep the gun-shooting voices away.

Here are the positive and negative aspects the electronic muffs.

· Pros

  • Protects from the gunshot voices
  • Amplifies the quieter sounds, like the moving sounds of your target.
  • Easy to use
  • Cheaper option

· Cons

  • They are a bit heavier when compared to earplugs.

What factors should you consider before buying shooting ear protection?

Are you going to purchase the shooting ear protection? If yes, stop! Look, there are many varieties of shooting ear protection with numerous applications and features. When it comes to choosing the proper ear protection mechanism, you don't have to compromise on a single part.

In that case, there are multiple factors to determine before buying the shooting ear protection mechanism.

· How long are you wearing?

Duration matters. By that means, if you are going to shoot for more extended periods, it is essential to choose the most comfortable ear protection pieces that will facilitate focus on the target. Since your goal is to hit the target, or sometimes, you go for practice hunting, you need to determine how many hours you will shoot.

Before buying any protection mechanism, determine the duration of the shooting.

· The place you are shooting

Do you want to listen to the surrounding voices? If yes, that is the time to choose the electronic earmuffs. Some places are pretty silent, while others might have crowds.

For example, when you go to the jungle for hunting, you can observe the quiet environment out there. Then, you need to hear the sounds of birds or whatever you are hunting down.

So, when buying the right and most suitable ear protection pieces, keep in mind the place.

· Your budget

I know; no one wants to invest higher in such things. It depends on your budget. How much budget have you specified for it?

There are hundreds of pieces available in the market, from earplugs to electronic earmuffs. Earplugs are a cheap option, while passive earmuffs are a bit expensive option. So, it is better to allocate the budget for your ear protection mechanism and purchase the item accordingly.

How to choose a professional hearing protection

Here we are at our main concern. Choosing a professional setup for the hearing protection system, is often confusing for beginners. Remember, it is not a big problem when you have some experience with it and know how to deal with it.

· The Noise Reduction Rating

Noise reduction rating is a specific term to mention the noise reduction capacity of the given tool. When an instrument has NRR ratings of 30, it means it can reduce the noise levels by 30 decibels.

There are no standard upper and lower values of noise reduction rating. Moreover, the value mentioned is not precisely the same. So, you need to buy the NRR rating of at least 22 for better sound protection.

· Sound Amplification and Directional Sound

Sound amplifications refer to an increase in the sound levels of lower sounds like the movement, directional sounds, etc. There can be 3D sound amplification or stereo sound amplification in the given.

Decide on one option accordingly and choose the best option for your device. For hunters, it is better to go for advanced sound amplification options.

· Comfort and Fit

People don't concentrate on this factor, which is so understated. While hunting, you need to wear the earmuffs for extended periods. If they don't fit your ears or don't provide comfort, you are likely to lose the attention of your target.

Moreover, there are other risks like sound pollution. Usually, comfortable and fit devices have large earcups and soft materials to provide ultimate comfort to users.

· Portable and Flexible Control

Devices are portable when they can be carried out to distant places. When you are on the journey, you need to carry your earmuffs. If they are not lightweight, it will be an extra burden on you. And who wants an additional burden? So, choose wisely.

Moreover, flexible control lets you change the features and better control the equipment. That's why look for a professional ear protection device that is compact and flexible.

Best shooting ear protection worth wearing

Are you looking for worth wearing ear protection system? Here is our top pick— GloryFire Electronic shooting earmuff. Let's elaborate on it to understand its key features and advantages.

GloryFire Electronic Shooting Earmuff

GloryFire electronic shooting earmuff is one of the best ear protection. You know, what is unique about it? It can amplify the sound up to 6 times.

Suppose your prey moves from one place to another; it is efficient to help you detect the movement instantly.

Its padded head design and soft earcups let you wear it all day and do shooting without getting tired. Noise reduction features make it a top tool for ear protection.

Let's have a look at the critical features of GloryFire earmuffs.

Key features 

NRR: 25dB

Derated NRR (OSHA): 9dB

Sound Amplification: Yes

Directional Sound: Yes

Attack Time: 20ms

Volume Limit: 82dB

Weight: 1 lb

· Pros

  • Easy to use mechanism when it comes to an understanding this tool.
  • Accurate directional sounds for a better shooting experience.
  • Noise reduction features let you focus on your target without interruptions
  • Comfortable design and easy to wear this earmuff.

· Cons

  • It is not waterproof.



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