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What is the difference between a tactical vest and a bulletproof vest?

Body armor is protective apparel that a person wears to deflect or absorb physical assaults that may damage them otherwise. It is used by riot police, private bodyguards, and average civilians, and is available in a wide variety of forms, protection levels, and sizes. Tactical vests are a long-standing military practice, and law enforcement organizations occasionally deploy them. 
tactical vest

The best Tactical Vest in 2023

Tactical vests aren't just for law enforcement, they have a wide range of applications. Because of their enormous storage space, they may also be used for non-firearm-related activities. 
tactical vest

Tips for How to Set Up Your Plate Carrier

A plate carrier is a piece of body armor that you wear to protect your vital organs against shrapnel, bullets, or other dangers in combat. These vests are designed to be used with ballistic plates that sit between your chest and back to absorb damage from weapons and explosions. In addition, plate carriers are also used to carry essential items that can be accessed quickly in emergencies.
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Best Plate Carrier 2023- Buying Guide

There are countless options and variations available on today’s market when it comes to body armor and Plate Carrier. It can be difficult for shoppers unfamiliar with plate carriers (or even professionals who are new to certain brands) to make informed decisions about which plate carrier is right for them—which makes this informative buying guide an invaluable resource!
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Tactical Vest vs. Plate Carrier vs. Bulletproof Vest- Which one is best for you?

If you’re looking to buy some protective gear but aren’t sure what the differences are between tactical vests, plate carriers, and bulletproof vests, you’ve come to the right place!
tactical vest

Is a Tactical Vest the Same as a Plate Carrier?

There has been very much confusion among the people about the tactical vest and plate carrier. Due to somewhat similar designs, everyone considers them to be the same. But the fact is, they are not the same. You can observe many points that are helpful to differentiate them.