what-are-Jags-for-in-a-Gun-Cleaning-Kit-Brass-Jags-or-Platics-Jags GLORYFIRE®

what are Jags for in a Gun Cleaning Kit? Brass Jags or Platics Jags?

You need a reliable gun cleaning kit, There is no question that you want a firearm that functions well while you are using it. If you ignore the gun, it won't function well. Therefore, it's critical that you be mindful of your firearm's cleaning requirements. This is why you need to think about purchasing a pistol cleaning kit for yourself right now.
Choosing-Brass-or-Nylon-Jags-When-Shopping-Gun-Cleaning-Kits GLORYFIRE®

Brass or Nylon Jags, Which to Choose When Shopping Gun Cleaning Kits?

When it comes to gun cleaning kits, both nylon and brass jags are capable of getting the job done. However, if you tend to overload your jags with two or three patches at a time, the risk of your nylon jag breaking off increases. If this describes you, consider investing in a set of brass jags. While they may cost a couple of dollars more, they offer added durability and peace of mind.