A boonie hat is a wide-brimmed hat often associated with military and civilian tactical use. Designed to provide shade and camouflage, a boonie hat is essentially a wide brim (around 2-3 inches), usually with a cinch cord to secure them in strong winds. The fabric used in boonie hats ranges from cotton or cotton blends to light nylon blends that help protect against rain or sun.

Why Wear a Boonie Hat?

Even though these hats are more tactical in style and function, it's best to wear one designed for your specific activity. A boonie hat made specifically for boating, fishing, hiking, or hunting can help keep you protected from both weather conditions and insects in many different ways.

Boonie hats with UV protection will keep your skin safe while enjoying outdoor activities. Some hats feature cooling ventilation systems that provide airflow throughout the headwear, so your head stays cool during hot summer days.

There are also other styles of boonies, such as those with built-in ear and back flaps which can be folded up when not needed. These types of boonie hats provide added protection for the neck area.


You can wear a boonie hat in almost any situation and on nearly any terrain. If you’re thinking of investing in one of these tactical hats for an upcoming activity, consider the following things before purchasing.

UV Protection

A boonie hat providing UV protection can be an important consideration if you plan on spending long days outdoors. The material of your boonie hat should block not only wind and rain but also harmful UV rays. Look for hats with UPF 30-50, so you don't have to invest in costly sunscreens for your trip. Also, consider buying a hat made with low-profile material that won't cause you to overheat on warm days.


Some of the boonie hats in market are made from materials that are not waterproof at all. Look for one with a durable water-repellent coating. The manufacturers will likely indicate their waterproof rating on their product page. However, a complete waterproof boonie will not be breathable enough so look for a hat that dries up quickly even if it’s not entirely waterproof.

Fabric Stiffness

One of boonie hats' best qualities is its packability. Reinforced boonie hats tend to be stiffer as they are waterproof. These hats are good if you are going to a rainy area. However, hats made of stiff fabrics lose shape when crammed in your backpack and won’t bounce back to form. A boonie hat shouldn't be extra stiff, but the final decision about stiffness rests on your needs and personal choice.

Brim width for shelter

The wider your hat’s brim, the better your chances are of avoiding sun and rain to hit on your face. Choose a hat width according to the outdoor activity you want to buy this hat for. For hiking with a backpack, a boonie with less width is more suitable, while for a fishing trip, a wider had will offer more protection.

Adjustable chin strap

Select a boonie hat with an adjustable chin strap for extra wind protection. If you’re going to be in high-wind areas, you want your hat to stay firmly on your head. Make sure it has a drawstring at least an inch from your head, so it's not too tight on your cheekbones. Also, make sure it's easy to adjust with one hand or while wearing gloves.

Loops for adding items

The loops or webbing on a boonie hat set it apart from other hats. Originally meant to put in camouflage branches, this feature is perfect for those occasions when you need quick and easy access to some small, lightweight items such as sunglasses, etc.

Air vents for breathability

All tactical boonie hats should have several air vents that allow airflow to your head. It is especially important when hiking and fishing because heat rises, and your body generates heat as you move. Making sure there are multiple air vents allows hot air to escape from underneath your hat and keeps you cool.

Good fit for size

Whether you're looking to increase your visibility on a hunting trip or need serious protection from bad weather while hiking, it's important to consider how well your chosen headwear fits. Hats should be snug but not too tight; if your hat is too loose or sloppy fitting, rain and wind will cause discomfort.

What’s the Best Boonie You Can Get on Today's Market?

If you plan fishing, hunting, or hiking trip, Gloryfire Military Tactical Boonie Hat should be your top choice for ultimate comfort. It is useful for keeping away direct sunlight on hot days and during rainstorms. The lightweight fabric keeps you warm in cold weather and prevents your face from becoming exposed to sunburn. It's suitable for all outdoor sports and various other tasks such as gardening or landscaping in your front or back yard.

Key Features

  • Made with 65% cotton and 35% polyester
  • One size suitable for both adult men and women
  • Oversized brim for extra protection
  • Adjustable chin drawstring for secure wear
  • Sturdy webbing around the crown for hanging items for easy access


  • Multipurpose usage
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • UV protection
  • Soft but durable
  • Provides ventilation through ventilation holes


  • According to a few customers, it lacks complete ventilation.