How often do you go outside? Scorching heat, high temperature, and direct sunlight are real pain. It doesn't end only in mental distress. Instead, you are prone to getting various skin infections.

Sunlight comprises various forms of radiation. One of them is Ultraviolet lights. With UV rays, you can get skin cancers. And who would like to have cancers? I believe no one. So, you need to have a protective mechanism to avoid direct sunlight. That's where we have written this guide to help you choose multiple tools for better protection from the sunlight.

1. It's Important to Lower Your Risk for Sunburn, Skin Cancer, and Early Skin Aging

Sunlight contains UV rays. And do you know what exactly UV light can cause?

It can cause skin cancer and speed up the skin aging process. Especially in the summer season, the sunlight increases the temperature and interferes with skin temperature. That's why you might observe sunburn.

After all the discussion, the question is, how can you protect the skin from sunburn and UV lights. Here is how:

  • Limit your activity to noon. Especially the time 10 a.m to 2 p.m is prime time for the sunlight. So, you need to avoid this time to protect your sunlight.
  • Clothing provides essential protection from the sunlight. They don't let the direct rays burn your skin or cause cell changes in your skin. When going outside, cover your body with clothes and get the essential protection.
  • Use protection mechanisms such as hats, sunscreen, and sunglasses. These are good tools for skin protection due to sunburn.
  • If you get some signs and symptoms related to all these problems, it is better to consult the health care professionals and get a prescription for optimal protection.

2. Use Sunscreen to Protect your skin

Sunscreens are cream and lotions that offer fundamental protection from sunlight. When checking them out, you need to ensure the premium applicable to the skin and check whether they are effective for you or not.

Sunscreens protect you from the sunlight, especially UV rays. So, their main reason to use is to keep the skin cancers miles. Isn't it something you would like to achieve?

Use sunscreens of SFP 15 and above to get the essential protection. Here are some more tips about them.

  • Apply sunscreen to your uncovered skin parts like the nose, lips, hands, feet, etc.
  • You can apply to the head skin where there is no hair.

· Pros

  • Improves skin life
  • Decreases UV light side effects
  • Easy to use on the skin
  • Available at next counter.

· Cons

  • Some potential side effects, especially when it closes skin pores.

3. Wear Sunglasses to Protect your Eyes

Sunglasses act like sun covers. These reduce the side effects of sunlight due to direct exposure to it. It does not only increase the focus during the daytime but also decreases the stress on our eye muscles. Moreover, you can get the sunlight protection that is on the other side of our main reason.

However, here are the pros and cons of your solar cover.

· Pros

  • Better focus while running or driving
  • Less reflection of light
  • Look stylish
  • Protect from sunlight

· Cons

  • May cause muscle fatigue if you don't have a habit of wearing them.

4. Equip Tactical Boonie Hat to Keep away from Sun

Boonies hats are opaque covers that offer a shadow from the sunlight. Their long brim keeps it easy to prevent exposure to sunlight and lets you see the protection. Here are some pros and cons of Boonie hats.

· Pros

  • Prevent direct exposure to sunlight compared to sunscreen
  • Easy to wear whenever and wherever you go.
  • Effective in sunlight

· Cons

  • Don't offer higher degrees of protection

5. Which I Choose?

If it is hard to find the sun protection mechanism, we have the best solution available out there.

GloryFire Boonie Hats 

GloryFire is a top partner for your outdoor protection. If you are a pro-level hunter, it is impossible if you don't know GloryFire. GloryFire doesn't only protect you from the bullets by providing bulletproof vests but also enables safety from sunlight.

GloryFire military Boonie hats are simply the top products that offer you protection from sunlight. It ensures a high degree of safety when you are on your adventure in summer. Do you want to know more about this product? Yes? Let's have a look at it.

· Key feature

  • 65% polyester and 35% cotton support the hat accurately and comfortably.
  • Oversized brim prevents a direct exposure to sunlight and sand particles.
  • Chin Drawstring to adjust the Boonie as per chin size.
  • Crown available for hanging things in front of your Boonie hat.

· Pros

  • Protects from sunlight rays
  • Easy to use with drawstrings
  • Portable and lightweight

· Cons

  • It doesn't breathe well