Brass catchers have been used in shooting sports for decades. This device is pretty simple and doesn't have any moving parts. It is, in essence, a basket that sits where the shells fall after being ejected from your shotgun and catches them before they can hit the ground. When buying a brass catcher for your gun, ensure that you purchase the best product according to your requirements.

How to Identify the Best Brass Catcher?

There are many choices available on the market today when it comes to brass catchers. We've compiled five key things to consider when buying a brass catcher to help you purchase your new catcher more easily and quickly.

Quality and Design

Several qualities and designs of brass catchers are available today, such as mesh, box, plastic, canvas etc. You can buy a brass catcher of any material as long as its heat resistant and compatible with your weapon. Also, ensure that it’s durable and has enough ventilation to cool down the casings quickly.


Select a brass catcher that is compatible with different weapons that you own. It will save you from buying separate catchers for every model and the hassle of carrying them. Also, ensure that the mounting system of the catcher is also compatible with your firearm.


A brass catcher should be suitable to hold enough empty brass shells according to your shooting needs. A large-sized catcher can fit lots of casings, but it can get heavy and compromise your shooting, while a small brass catcher will fill up too quickly. So, in most cases, a medium-sized catcher will be a perfect choice.

Easy Installation

It largely depends on the type of mounting system you choose for the brass catcher. You can choose between a picatinny rail mount, quick release mount, hook and loop mount or universal brass catcher.

Heat Resistant Material

It is crucial to buy a heat resistant brass catcher because the released brass shells are very hot. If the brass catcher is of non-heat-resistant material, it will melt and develop holes making the catcher useless.

Small attachment Points

A good brass catcher will have small attachment points. It means you can place it in various places and get optimal performance. Also, catchers with multiple small attachments, such as a picatinny brass catcher, are more stable, while hook and loop mount catcher has just one attachment point, making them somewhat unstable.

Non-interference with Operation

Your brass catcher should not pose any obstacle to your shooting. Find a discrete catcher that doesn't get in the way when using your weapon.

Expert Tips for Buying the Best Brass Catcher

Many brass catcher brands are available to choose from, but not all of them will fit your needs. To ensure you get the best catcher, consider your specific requirements when buying a brass catcher. By looking at these additional factors, you can find the brass catcher perfect for you to use on the field each game day.

Shooting style and environment

You can choose between remote brass catchers and attached brass catchers, depending on your shooting style and the environment you mostly shoot.

Remote brass catchers are perfect if you are firing from a fixed position and your target is not moving. Remote catchers are usually in the form of buckets set up in a place next to your shooting place to catch the fired casings. On the other hand, attached brass catchers are more suitable when you are out for hunting and shooting where you are constantly moving.

Compatibility with your gun

Your weapon and brass catcher should get along well with each other. The brass catcher must be well-fitted and sealed to catch the ejected shells efficiently. Moreover, if you are not looking for a catcher for any specialized firearm, go for a universally adaptable brass catcher, so there aren't any issues with mounting.

Budget-friendly yet durable

Brass catchers are a worthy investment. You can use the collected spent casings for reloading cartridges, sold to other gun owners if you are not keen on reloading yourself or sold off as scrap metal. Consider your finances before buying a brass catcher. If your budget allows, it's better to invest in a good quality brass catcher so it lasts longer and could justify your spending.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to attach a brass catcher to your rifle?

You can easily attach a brass catcher using a picatinny rail. A picatinny mount is a great option if you want something easy to install, but it can reduce your sight radius. The second option is to attach a brass catcher by a hook and loop that goes directly on the barrel. This mount has a single attachment point, meaning it might wobble or shift under recoil.

How to release a brass catcher quickly?

Brass catchers can be difficult to remove quickly in an emergency. The most important thing to remember when releasing a brass catcher is not to panic. However, most brass catchers come with a quick-release mount making the release fairly fast.

Can I use rubbing alcohol or solvents to clean a brass catcher?

Some catchers are treated with Teflon, PTFE or other non-stick coatings. These coatings should never be removed by chemical means. It is good to wipe down a brass catcher with warm water and mild detergent, then dry it thoroughly before storing. It is generally not recommended to use cleaners, solvents and alcohol for cleaning a brass catcher as it can damage the coating of the catcher.

Why doesn’t everyone use a brass catcher?

Using a brass catcher is not convenient for everyone. Some people find emptying the catcher an additional task, and a full catcher also affects the aim as it weighs down the gun. Many people don't like to use a brass catcher for these reasons. If you overlook these little inconveniences, the advantages of using a brass catcher are immense.

Top Pick

If you are looking for a brass catcher that has many pros but doesn’t have any real cons, then Gloryfire Pic Rail Brass Catcher would be an excellent choice. This product is durable and comes with most of everything you need from a product in its price range.

Key Features

  • Pic rail mount system
  • Heat resistant mesh
  • Zippered bottom
  • Quick-lock and release options
  • Capacity: 100 empty rounds


  • Easy installation
  • Durable and stable
  • Compatible with most models
  • Easy to carry and empty
  • Lightweight


(Nothing significant to mention)