Why do we need to keep firearms clean?

Improper maintenance of your gun can lead to get rust and work for limited durations. What do you do to make it function for several years? No one would like to purchase another gun as it can be out of budget for most people. Some people are reluctant to follow the cleaning process and don't do any job. In such a case, you might lose the performance of your guns quickly. So, gun cleaning helps you find the perfect way for gun durability. In this article, we will highlight the significance of cleaning.

Firearms cleaning is a bit complex process that involves multiple steps and many tools for this job. Has the question emerged in your mind about cleaning? Why should you clean it if it works for you? Usually, to make things work better for a long time, we have to clean it. The same is the case with the gun. However, we can list some specific points regarding the cleaning process.

  • The performance of the gun decreases with time until you have to discard it when it is no longer useful. To maintain the expected performance, you have to focus on cleaning as it can clean the debris and remove any else particle acting as a hindrance.
  • External appearance is also important when you want to show off new guns. Due to the adverse effects of dust particles, it may lose the charm and seems to be ineffective. The cleaning process can make it appear new and more efficient.
  • The cleaning of firearms makes them durable and work for a long time. When you have removed destroying particles, nothing is left behind to create problems during firing. So, it makes the gun better and let it work for longer periods.

Preparatory Work before Cleaning:

Do you want to clean your gun? Before moving forward to the exact process, you have to take some steps and learn about things. For example, you must know how to unload the gun or prepare it for cleaning. Two major concerns should be kept in mind once you want to clean your firearms. Let's have a look at them.

Learn how to disassemble cleaning tools:

Each firearm has multiple parts that integrate to form the complete gun. If you have a gun, you can get the guide from YouTube or read the guidebook included in it. It will help you know about all the components of the gun. Before starting the cleaning, you can disassemble them and clean each part separately. This step is extremely important to do if you want perfect cleaning of your gun.

For a better understanding of gun disassembly, you can watch some guide online either on YouTube or famous websites. In some cases, the gun brands also provide such information to help the users through the whole process.

Prepare your Cleaning tools:

How do you clean your gun most often? Cleaning kits of high quality are useful that offer all the equipment in one kit. Once you have disassembled your gun and separated it into manufacturing components, the next step is to go through the cleaning kit. You must take out the cleaning kit and open it.

Prepare all the cleaning tools to make them ready for cleaning your firearms. Here are the things you need to keep ready for your gun cleaning kit.

Cleaning rods :

Cleaning rods are integral parts of cleaning kits that serve cleaning purposes. Usually, cotton or wool is attached to their ends and inserted into the pistol barrel. With soft cotton, one can easily apply the oil and clean the gun parts. Especially if some parts are difficult to clean, cleaning rods are helpful in such a case.

Bore brushes (specific to your calibre gun) :

To clean the corners or edges of the gun parts, you must have special apparatus. Simple things are unable to access those parts and require something like a brush. Bore brushes are helpful in such a strategy. They come in a variety of calibre depending on the gun calibre. Make sure your cleaning kit has bore brushes that fit the gun calibre.

Three cleaning jags (form-fitting and slotted):

Cleaning jags are special parts that hold the cleaning patches. Either in the slotted form or other shapes, cleaning jags can resolve multiple issues arising during the accurate cleaning of your firearms. However, you can put your cleaning patches in the space available in the cleaning jags.

For firearms cleaning, your gun cleaning kit must have multiple types of jags. More specifically, it must contain at least three types of jags to remove the debris from all the angles.

Cleaning swabs:

Usually, cotton or wool manufactures the cleaning swabs. Their main purpose is to apply the lubricants on the gun parts to keep them away from the rust and make the gun more effective. For cleaning purposes, one can attach the cleaning swabs to the end of the cleaning rods or insert them in the cleaning jags.

During the cleaning process, it becomes essential to have the cleaning swabs ready. To get ready for your gun cleaning, you can take out the cleaning swabs.

Mop and hot water with mild detergent:

Hot water is more effective for cleaning purposes compared to cold water. It can easily eliminate the carbon residues and work better in every aspect. After cleaning up the gun, your instruments of kit get infiltrated.

To wash them, you need hot water. If you are getting ready for gun cleaning, keep the hot prepared as well.

Double-ended utility brush

Double-ended utility brushes have brush borders on both ends. Your ultimate goal is to keep your gun clean from inside and outside. For this purpose, you have to implement double-ended brushes. Usually, made with special materials, they are used to remove the residues or dust particles on the exterior of your gun.

Cleaning patch fibre and lint-free, specific to your calibre:

Cleaning patches are highly important for you to complete the cleaning process. Patches are used to dip in the lubricants or apply the oil layer. Determine the calibre of your gun and make sure if the cleaning patch fibres fit your gun or not. Some of the universal gun kits work for every gun and contains patches that help clean every type of gun and its calibre.

Lustre cloth with a reel cloth and silicone impregnated gun:

Lustre clothes is another element essential for the cleaning process. This cloth with reel and silicon works to remove the dust and other relevant small particles on your gun to give you an efficiently cleaned gun.

Cotton swab :

Cotton or wool make the cleaning swabs. However, the swabs are not only limited to these materials but other materials can also manufacture it depending on the quality of the gun cleaning kit. Apart from other types of swabs, you must take out the cotton swab from your cleaning. If it is not available in the kit, you can purchase it as it is not that much expensive.

Bore snake tool :

For instant cleaning of the guns, you have to use the bore snake. For example, you have currently fired and guns accumulate the carbon residues from the bullet. To make the clear path for the next bullet firing, you have to eliminate that carbon buildup. It is only possible if you have a possible system to do that.

Bore snake tools are more comfortable and can alter their structure depending on your gun shape and other relevant aspects. Have a look at the gun cleaning kit and check whether it contains a bore snake tool or not.

Cleaning agents and firearm lubricant :

For smooth and productive cleaning, you need solvents and lubricants that access the gun areas and absorb the dust particles or residues. They diffuse into the respective area even if it has a curved surface. Once they have entered the area, it becomes easy to eliminate the remnants of carbon or other adverse elements.

Cleaning agents work with lubricants to make them reach the area you want to clean. If something doesn't seem fine with the above tools, you can apply solvents and resolve the issue. Before moving forward to cleaning, assess the components of your gun cleaning kit.

Drip pan or disposable paper towels :

For proper cleaning of the gun, you must have all the required components. Disposable paper towels or dripping pans are one of the most important tools one must consider. Once you have applied the lubricants and cleaned them. Disposable papers towels and dripping pans will help you clean the tools of the kit along with the gun.

Look for containers to hold the parts:

Do you know the importance of containers? Containers are something that must be part of the gun cleaning kit. If the container is not accessible in the kit, you can purchase it separately. While cleaning the guns, you need to organise all the components of the guns and kits. It will help you pick the right one at the right time.

Let's suppose, you want to apply the lubricant. If you have the container, it will help you choose the lubricant and save much more time. Apart from that, it will keep all the tools in place.

Safety Tips while cleaning the Gun:

Safety is a priority for everyone while cleaning up the gun. Sometimes, solvents or lubricants are dangerous to human health and can cause numerous adverse effects on health. Depending on the severity of these factors, one can consider the importance of safety. However, here are some top tips one must consider while going to tidy up the gun efficiently.

Wear Glasses:

Some chemicals or lubricants can affect your eyes. If they fall into your eye, they cause a direct effect on the retina affecting your vision. Apart from that, you can lose vision within minutes leading to blindness. Who wants to be blind? Everyone wants to enjoy nature with his eyes. So, during the cleaning of the gun, you must wear glasses.

Wear Gloves:

While dipping the swabs into the solvents, you have to keep your hands away from it. Let's suppose, a lubricant has fallen on your hands. You need to keep your hands away from your eyes or other sensitive parts to be more secure.

Have Cleaning Cradle:

Long guns are a bit difficult to rinse compared to the smaller ones. While tidying up the long guns, you must have such a system that could avoid the possibility of chemicals. So, cleaning cradle are helpful for you in this respect. You can keep your gun accommodated into them and clean them carefully.

Instructions for Cleaning Guns:

Gun cleaning is a careful process as it needs much concern. If there happens an accident while cleaning, you might face adverse effects even death if firing happens. Injury is quite possible if you don't follow the step by step instructions for cleaning your guns. Here are major steps you must follow for wiping the gun.

Cleaning the Chamber and Barrel:

Disassemble your gun and separate all the parts of your gun. Now move on to cleaning of chamber and barrel by the below process.

  • Take the bore brushes that fit your gun and dry your gun barrel and chamber to clean them. This step can eliminate the carbon and other remnants present in your gun. Make sure you clean the chamber from the end of the muzzle.
  • Take out the cleaning patches and dip them into the lubricants. Insert the cleaning patches into the barrel with the proper mechanism.
  • Let the solvent be in there for at least 15 minutes as per standard procedure.
  • Use the bore brushes to clean the inside of your barrel and repeat the process to completely clean your gun.
  • You must try a drill guide to clean the chamber and barrel instead of solid cleaning rods that might not be effective in such a case.
  • Make sure that the hole brushes match the diameter of the hole.
  • Try cleaning all the parts of the slide such as the barrel hood, lug and feed ramp.

Check the spring and trigger assembly:

Once you have followed the above step, now comes the cleaning up of spring and trigger assembly.

  • Lubricate your trigger assembly to remove the debris. Try whether it is functioning as per expectations or not. If something is still in there, you can spend some time wiping it down efficiently.
  • Have a look at the spring, remove its debris, focus on applying solvent, and go ahead through step by step cleaning process.

Reassembly and a Safety Check:

If you have completed the above two steps, your gun is ready to try. Before putting it in the carrying case, you must be whether it works or not.

  • Dry fire to analyse the functionality of the gun. If it is performing better, you can understand that you haven't made any mistake. In case of error, you can go through the process again.
  • Take out the magazine and clean it properly as per manuals. Remove the dust particles from the mag and insert it back into the gun.
  • Check the round in the chamber and put your gun into the carrying case.

GloryFire Universal Gun Cleaning Kit:

Are you looking for something special in the kits? If yes, here is the GloryFire Universal gun cleaning kit available for you with all the required elements of the cleaning kit. Apart from using it for a specific gun, it is universal and works for every type and calibre of the gun. Depending on your requirements, you can assume the features and compare them. It will give you an idea of what exactly you need to do and which tools are essential to do that job. Let's have a look at its major features helpful for us during gun cleaning.

  • We researched a lot of gun cleaning kits from the most high-end brands in the US and improved on them. This gun cleaning kit is not like the ordinary quality brushes made in China, it has the same quality as the most high-end brands in the US. It offers two options for barrel cleaning, rod and rope, to meet the needs of more gun enthusiasts. And different from other brands of gun brushes only provide brass brushes, we provide you brass brushes and mops to clean guns better.
  • Brushes: .17 /.20 /.22 / .40 /.45 / .243 / .270 / .35 / 9mm / .30 / .38 / .410 / .50 / 5.56mm / 12GA / 16GA / 20GA / 28GA; Mops: .17 / .22 / .30 / .35 / 9mm / .40 / .410 / .50 / 12GA / 20 GA; Jags: .17 /.22 / .248 /.35 / 9mm / .25 / .270 / .30 / .338 / .375 / .40 / .44 / .45/ .50. Some of the accessories are consumable, so we prepare multiple accessories in our California warehouse. If you have any problems while using, please contact us, we'll be glad to help you.
  • The rods had underwent a lot of testing before starting production, we tried copper, iron, stainless steel, aluminum and other materials, broke more than 600 rods in a year, and tested and improved the structure of the rod, and finally developed this reinforced rod, which had applied for US Patent Pending, and the rod has a longer service life. It can be said that the rods of this gun cleaning kit are the best on the US market.
  • Gun cleaning supplies of other brands often only provide you one option, which cannot meet the needs of more consumers. We provide you with two cleaning methods, rope and rod, to meet your various needs. Rods can help you clean the gun barrel better and rope is easy to carry out, you can use them in different occasions. We also offer two thin cleaning ropes of different sizes, you can combine them with accessories according to the type of your gun.
  • We also provide you 2 kinds of brushes, mops and brass brushes. The bristles of the brass brush are made of high quality brass and are not easily bend or shed, some of the low-quality brass made in China has a short usage life. The caliber of the accessories had uniformed. Except for .17, all the other brushes have the same caliber, so you don't have to waste time looking for the right adapter. And we also provide you another adapter of other caliber to connect your own brushes from other brands

Another best article in the category of gun cleaning kit is Allen universal gun cleaning kit. With a reliable brand, one can harness the kit for its cleaning purposes and overcomes multiple issues arising due to the inefficiency of the gun cleaning kits. High-quality manufacturing materials make it valuable for the gunsmith.

Usually, the shape of the gun cleaning is a toolbox like which is easy to handle and use. More than 65 pieces of the tools are available to make it useful for you compared to other competitors' items. However, we can have a look at the major features of this tool.

  • Universal gun cleaning kit. There is no need to purchase multiple gun cleaning kits if you have multiple guns or rifles at a time. Purchasing this gun can figure out multiple issues that might not be resolved by other kits.
  • Toolbox available for storage. If you don't use the guns usually, you need to store your guns in a proper place where there arises no problem for the decrease in performance. Toolbox available in this kit is capable of storing your kit equipment for a long time.
  • 65 cleaning tools obtainable. A cleaning kit must procure all the cleaning tools. If something is missing, it becomes difficult to work with such cleaning kits. In this case, you can get 65 tools that are a perfect solution for your gun cleaning.


  • Works for all types of guns such as pistols and rifles.
  • 65 tools giving all in one solution
  • High-quality components employed
  • Pure cotton present in kit


  • Solvent may be missing

Iunio Universal Gun cleaning kit:

Cleaning the gun is essential to make it work for longer periods. If you are tired of multiple cleaning kits, you can try this universal cleaning kit available with numerous benefits. It has portable cases and a complete guide to help you go through the whole cleaning process. With multiple high-quality tools such as standard sizes of cleaning, patches are helpful for you to employ this tool for gun cleaning.

For complete gun cleaning, it includes the below-given features.

  • A full-featured guide is present in the kit. If you are a beginner, probably you don't know the exact procedure to clean your gun. In such a case, if you have a look at the guide given in this kit, you can understand how you can operate each tool.
  • Useful for the pistols, rifles, and long guns of multiple types. For multiple guns, you can eliminate the debris and make it durable for longer periods.
  • High quality carrying case that can fit your needs. The carrying case holds all the tools in place and helps you to take it to the workplace.


  • Useful for all gun types
  • Includes cleaning mat
  • Portable to any location
  • High-quality materials made kit


  • Lubricant is absent

Final Note:

  • A perfect guide through the cleaning of guns can be valuable to you. Once you have used your guns, you must clean them properly to let them work for several years. People make mistakes when they don't clean their gun.
  • It can be a bit expensive for you but the gun is more costly than the cleaning apparatus. So, try to invest in purchasing snake barrels or ultrasonic cleaners to get your job done.
  • If you want to store your gun, make sure you unload it and clean it. Keep it in a clean and dry environment to protect it from rust and other unfavourable effects.

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