Do you have some knowledge about handcuffs? Maybe you have seen the police offer to use the handcuffs to arrest the criminals? If you have done that, you already know about the handcuffs. However, there are many more things you need to know about handcuffs. I have listed them to help you understand them in a better way. Let's have a look!

Are chained handcuffs better than hinged handcuffs?

There are many discussions about whether hinged handcuffs are better than the chained or not. However, we can highlight some pros on both sides.

Hinged handcuffs give more stability when using them against the suspects. But, there is one disadvantage. They might cause injury to your hand.

Chained handcuffs are more comfortable in this aspect that provide adequate leverage in intense situations.

How can I set the handcuff quickly and smoothly?

You can set the handcuffs quickly and smoothly if your handcuffs are working correctly. In this respect, hold the hands of the opposite person and use the lever if you are using the lever lock. Otherwise, you can use the other types of locks to handcuff the person smoothly.

Remember, the optimal performance of the handcuffs will ensure quick and smooth locking.

Is there another same key to open my handcuff?

Usually, the manufacturers provide the spare keys to open your lock if it gets closed and you lose your keys.

If you lose the spare key as well, it may be the right time to contact your manufacturer. They will offer you a universal replacement key.

Which material is the best to choose for my handcuff?

Handcuffs are manufactured with the metals like stainless steel, carbon steel, and aluminum. All of them are popular ways to go, but you need to be somewhat specific when choosing the best material for your handcuffs.

Usually, carbon steel is the top material that won't get rusted quickly. Moreover, it is durable and works for extended periods.

Can I use WD40 to clean my handcuff?

Handcuffs need maintenance like the other components of the guns or firearms you employ. With time, the material of handcuffs gets rusted because of improper management.

However, if your handcuffs have started losing their original functionality, it may be the right time to start the cleaning. You can use multiple types of lubricants for proper cleaning of handcuffs. WD40 is one of those top lubricants used for adequate cleaning of handcuffs.

What is the different Locking type for handcuffs?

A handcuff has the locks and keys to open. However, when we highlight the locks, there are different types of locks out there.

Let's have a look at different locking types for handcuffs.

  • Lever Lock: Moving a lever can lock the handcuffs.
  • Push Pin Lock: A small peg is helpful for the lock.
  • Slot Lock: There is a slot to lock the handcuffs in which a peg is inserted.

Can civilians buy handcuffs?

Yes. Like the weapons, civilians can purchase the handcuffs, but certain liabilities are. In case of misuse, they need to face serious problems.

So, whenever you order the handcuffs from retailers, describe the reason, and prevent the misuse.

What's the using life of my handcuffs?

Many handcuffs have a longer life and make it easy to use them. However, there is no specific duration in which they work. Years would be enough to work with them.

So, you can see the quality of handcuffs and observe their life for years.


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· Key feature

  • High-durable material comprising the carbon steel that procures strength and doesn't get rusted quickly.
  • Double locking feature to protect the user's hand and keep the handcuffs in position.
  • Welded chain links allow you to move freely.
  • Professional grade locking features that make it easy to lock.

· Pros

  • Durable materials make it work for years.
  • No chances of getting rusted.
  • Easy to use
  • Double locking features.

· Cons

  • It might injure your wrist if you don't handle it properly.

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