Sight Pusher Tool Heavy-Duty Construction Front Sight Tool

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  • [High Performance] This sight pusher tool achieves exceptional accuracy in adjusting sights with extreme precision. The Glock front sight tool features a front sight fork that can be moved horizontally to increase accuracy. It is made of the strongest, most durable materials for prolonged service life, making it a reliable sight tool for all your needs.
  • [Reinforcement Design] The sight tool features an aluminum frame with steel accessories that resist chemicals, ensuring natural color and finish. Precision-machined, the large 4-bar drive knob and front push block have been strengthened for better rigidity and hardness, ensuring that the rear sight tool is built to last.
  • [Easy to Use] With a smooth turn of the large 4-bar drive knob, this Glock sight tool makes it easy to install, remove, or adjust front and rear dovetail sights. Each component has been produced to the highest specification for ease of use, functioning as a tight unit. Additionally, it includes three different screwdrivers for dismantling, making it an easy-to-use and versatile sight tool.
  • [Wide Application Range] This sight pusher tool works with a variety of slides and is simple enough for beginners to use. It fully captures and supports the slide rail during use, avoiding breaking or deformation. It's a versatile Glock front sight tool that can be used with a wide range of firearms.
  • [Buy with Confidence] We stand behind the quality of this rear sight tool, and our customer service team is always available to help with any issues or questions.
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Experience exceptional precision and accuracy with GloryFire high-performance sight pusher tool, designed to adjust sights with unparalleled precision. Crafted with a front sight fork that can be horizontally adjusted for increased accuracy, this tool is engineered from the strongest, most durable materials for extended service life, ensuring reliability for all your sight adjustment needs.

How to Use

Step One

Ensure all side knobs are fully recessed with the flat side of the bottom assembly facing towards you. Insert the slide into the bottom assembly and push it in any desired direction for sight adjustment. Loosen the clamps by pushing on the opposite side.

Step Two

Once the slide aligns with the pusher block, slowly lower the top assembly. Use the height adjustment screw to align the bottom of the pusher block just above the slide's top. Turn the adjustment wheel and gently push the front pusher blocks against the side of the sight. Use the hash marks on the top front of the sight tool for estimation.

Step Three

After completing the adjustment in step 2, unscrew the screws on the sight prongs, then rotate the front push block 180 degrees. After reinstalling the screws, adjust as shown in Step 4.

Step Four

Fully recess all side knobs with the notched side of the bottom assembly facing you. Insert the slide into the bottom assembly, ensuring the front drop portion of the slide fits into the bottom notched area. Center the slide in the cradle and gradually advance all side knobs to loosely clamp in place.


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