What is the Best Electronic Hearing Protection for Shooting?


I ordered three electronic noise cancelling earmuffs from the market. I do not recommend that you buy one, I just want to provide information. I was not sponsored to do so, and I paid for each of these three products myself. Experience these three series of headphones to help you make an informed decision:
1.Walker's Razor Slim with protective cover ($54.49, NRR: 23 dB)
2.Howard Leight R-01526 ($52.55, NRR: 24 decibels)
3.Gloryfire Shooting Ear Protection ($42.99, NRR: 23dB)

Comfortable to wear
Walker's: Thick cushion, it won't press on the goggles, there will be pressure on the head 30 minutes before wearing it, which is uncomfortable. At the same time, force is required to open, put on, and adjust, and it is not easy to open and adjust.
Howard Leight: The cushion is very thin, it will feel uncomfortable on the back of the ear. It will be difficult for you to wear them correctly on your ears, you need to lift them from the bottom of your ears or set the straps so high that they will not be worn on your head. Your ears will touch the felt inside the earmuffs, but there is a special "hygiene kit" to replace them. Easy to open and adjust.
Gloryfire: Ultra-thin leather pad, fits the ears, and is comfortable to wear. It should be noted that the first few minutes are uncomfortable because the headband is pulled on your head, but you will get used to it quickly, and Nei will not notice anymore after a few minutes. Easy to open and adjust.

Noise reduction effect comparison
Walker's: When the volume is turned off, their decibels will be partially reduced. When the sound is turned on and gunshots appear, they will drop to a safe level immediately when you shoot.
Howard Leight: When the volume is turned off, their decibels will drop a lot. When the sound is turned on and there are gunshots, most of the time it will immediately drop to a safe level, but sometimes there will be errors, and I still hear harsh gunshots.
Gloryfire Shooting Ear Protection: When the volume is turned off, their decibels decrease the most. When the sound is turned on and gunshots appear, they will be immediately reduced to a safe level when you shoot, and the noise cancellation will take effect immediately.

Volume adjustment and audio line input
Walker's: The volume knob is located in an intuitive position, slightly protruding, it is easy to find when wearing. The knob is vertical, so upward means louder and more responsive. The input port is also vertical, which is very convenient. The only disadvantage is that the input port has a rubber plug, which will fall out, but it is difficult to re-hole, which makes the audio port easy to wear.
Howard Leight: The volume knob is vertical and needs to be turned left and right, which is not intuitive. Because the knob is located on the edge of the phone, it is easy to find. The input port is also located on the edge, it is easy to find when wearing it, but it will generate static electricity when plugged in.
Gloryfire Shooting Ear Protection: The volume knob is in an intuitive position, but it is not prominent, so you will feel a little bit at first, until you get used to its position, the adjustment response is quite sensitive. The input port is located on the edge, it is easy to find, and there is an AUX rubber sleeve, which can be easily inserted without removing it, which is very convenient.

Amplification effect
Walker's: They can amplify environmental sounds very well. I can hear the amplified sound in the surroundings, but I cannot detect the position of the sound.
Howard Leight: Sound amplification works well, but I don't need gunshot amplification.
Gloryfire Shooting Ear Protection: The  shooting earmuffs have two microphones. The stereo is very good, and the amplified ambient sound is great. If I turn up the volume, it will enhance my hearing and I can tell which direction the sound is coming from. 

By Calvin Gnade on December 27, 2021

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