Ultimate Guide to Gun Cleaning Mat


Has your floor got dirty due to cleaning solvent leakage? Sometimes, due to leakage or ineffective management of lubricants, you might face several issues like scratches to your gun parts or damage to your floor. During the application of your solvents to the gun barrel, it is possible to pour excessive lubricants that could be a serious issue. To resolve this matter, you need to install a protective mechanism that absorbs all the lubricants. In this article, we will highlight the gun cleaning mats and relevant aspects.

What is a gun cleaning mat?

The gun cleaning mat serves as a protective mechanism during the cleaning of the gun. Usually, lubricants or oils leak and seep through the surface that can make the texture dirty. To prevent leakage, one can try the gun cleaning mat that is leak-proof.

Sometimes, gun cleaning mats have graphics and other images on their surface to make them more charming. Apart from that, they can serve as an organising component for the inner components of your gun.

Why use a gun cleaning mat?

Isn't it a problem if some of your lubricants fall on the floor? Will it make the surface dirty and painful to clean? Without keeping a gun cleaning mat between the table and gun, lubricants can cause several issues. However, here are some major advantages of employing gun cleaning mats during the gun cleaning.

  • Usually, placed between the gun and table or another surface, gun cleaning mats play a significant role in protecting the leakage of oils or lubricants. If something falls on them, they can absorb it instantly protecting damage to your home floor.
  • Sometimes, solvent leakage causes scrapes on the gun parts. The excessive solvent is also dangerous for the gun parts that must have a solution. Gun cleaning mats are also helpful to prevent the spread of oil on gun components and avoid gashes on them.
  • Gun cleaning mats are large enough to hold all the gun items in the place. You can disassemble the parts of the gun and place them on the mat. It will give some room to effectively clean and manage your gun elements.

Factors to consider when buying a gun cleaning pad:

Do you want to purchase the gun cleaning pad? It can be a bit technical procedure and require much concern if you have some specific requirements. The recommended strategy relates to jot down the factors, analyse the gun cleaning pad, and check whether it contains those things or not. Here are some fundamental factors choose a convenient cleaning pad.


Are you a gunsmith or expert at the cleaning process of the gun? If yes, you might have a better understanding of fact why the size of the pad matters. Each gun varies in its shape, size, and components from the others. Some guns are bigger than others such as Remington 700 AR is much bigger than pistols and other types of gun. While determining the size of the cleaning mat, people make several mistakes.

Try to measure the gun size as a small size cleaning mat can not work for a large size gun. While in the opposite case, large size pad will work effectively even if you have a small gun. In the case of more than one gun, assume the size of your largest gun and purchase the cleaning mat that fits it well. Even if it is larger than most of your guns, it will not cause any problems.


Material is also important to keep in mind while visiting the ammunition shop to purchase the cleaning mat. Numerous varieties of cleaning mats comprise it. For example, wood, rubber, neoprene can be used in the manufacturing process of gun cleaning mats. Every material has its unique qualities and provides you with respective features.

If we talk about silicon or plastic mats, they are not that protective for the guns but can avoid the spread of excessive solvents. When you keep your gun cleaning apparatus on the table, extra care is essential for this motive. People usually employ neoprene or rubber mats that offer high-quality protection from anything while cleaning the gun.

Parts Bin:

The gun cleaning experts know the importance of parts bin better than others. After unloading the gun parts, you have to clean them properly. To avoid any confusion, you can keep the parts of a gun on the gun cleaning mats. It will provide you with a better facility to manage the gun components when reassembling needed.

Before choosing the gun cleaning mat, make sure it has a parts bin. If this is not included, it will be difficult to handle multiple tasks during tidying the gun.

 The Brand:

Seems strange to focus on brands? Am I right? Everyone believes so but a reputed company offers a lot to its users. Sometimes, you purchase the inventory from local companies. They might not offer you much support if any problem arises with the instrument. In the case of a reputed brand, they will pay heed to your problems and try to figure them out as soon as possible.

Most people don't care about the brand while purchasing the gun cleaning mat. If you are one of those, you can at least analyse its parts before buying. It will give you an idea of whether the cleaning mat you are buying will fulfil your needs or not.

The Cost:

Quality cleaning mats are usually expensive and out of the budget if you are looking for cheap items. Researching on the internet can help you find numerous top quality cleaning mats that offer you durability as well.

So, while going for cleaning mat shopping, you should measure its cost and compare it with your budget. Apart from that, focus on the quality whether it fits the cost or not. It will help you uncover the best match that will be cost-effective for each aspect of your business.

UsefulThingy Rifle Cleaning Mat:

If you are looking for some great cleaning mats, you must go for UsefulThingy Rifle Cleaning Mat that offers you numerous features. To guide you through the whole process, this cleaning mat contains all the details and graphics essential for this purpose. A small concentration over the graphics can make you learn what exactly the tool does for you.

You can place on multiple areas such as tables, counters or workbench with complete flexibility. Apart from that, it offers you features for arranging the parts of your gun efficiently. Here are some of the key features of this cleaning that could be helpful to make the right option for you.

  • Has a soft surface that is favourable for the sensitive parts of guns that are prone to damage. It reduces the probability of destructing or leaving scratches on the external surface of the gun.
  • Good absorbent surface for the lubricant absorption. This can prevent the fall of excessive lubricants on the floor or gun parts that would be disadvantageous for you.
  • Guide for beginners with high-quality pictures. If someone doesn't know how to work with this tool, he can learn it from the description and graphics printed on it.
  • Usually, in black colour, the pad looks awesome. With printed guides, it makes it attractive for reading and easy to use.

Pros :

  • Strong and durable that works for years without getting damaged easily.
  • Has a non-slip bottom surface that protects the guns from damage by falling on the floor due to a slippery surface.
  • Easy to use and understand with a complete printed guide for beginners.
  • Quite affordable and cost-effective.


  • The Bottom part absorbs the lubricant that is uncomfortable for some users.
  • Text can be too small for some users and unable to read.

Having looked at all the above factors, one can easily deduce whether he should go with UsefulThingy Rifle cleaning mat or not. Try to focus on your requirements instead of relying only on features.

TekMat M&P Handgun Cleaning mat:

Tekmat is a famous brand among firearm users for its high-quality mats that let the gunsmith clean with comfort. You can place this mat on any surface you use to clean your gun. With complete flexibility to clean your handgun, it becomes easy to list this item in our top articles. Usually, supported with rubber and cloth, this mat works for longer periods.

You can try this one for multiple handguns cleaning and prevent damages to gun parts with the soft surface of this cleaning mat. It contains some special features that we can list to enhance your leisure to prefer this piece.

  • Waterproof, scratchproof, and oil resistant. This can let the cleaning mat function for years without losing the strength.
  • The soft thermoplastic surface offers complete safety to your guns. Usually, hard surface mats cause scrapes to the guns and destroy their appearance and performance.
  • Has low weight and easily portable. You can carry this cleaning mat to your location without exerting efforts in lifting heavyweights.
  • 3mm thick rubber comprises the cleaning mat and offers a smooth surface. It empowers you with sufficient padding and protection.


  • Safe from scratches and water.
  • Rubber back offers complete safety from sliding
  • Simple to use
  • Has a guide to follow with the help of diagrams and high-quality graphics
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • Can be thin according to some users
  • Unable to fold

Real Avid Glock Smart Gun Cleaning Mat:

Among the mat categories and types, this is another best piece available for your protected gun cleaning. With a cleaning mat, you can find the equipment holder that keeps the parts of the gun in place. The incredible feature of this holder is the magnetic attraction that doesn't let the ingredients of a gun drop on the ground and get scratches.

For the disassembly of gun elements, you can find the printed guide with step by step instructions. There are numerous other features available in this gun cleaning mat that are below.

  • Contains a magnetic tray to hold all the elements of the gun during cleaning. To prevent falling over the ground or finding the parts during the assembly of the gun, the magnetic tray makes it easy to find.
  • Solvent and oilproof features to protect your kitchen or tables. Whenever solvent is spilt over the mat, it can be cleaned effortlessly. This way avoids the scratches on the gun or untidiness of the floor.
  • Easy guide for the unloading of the gun. It contains beautiful graphics and written details for first-time users to effectively manage and work with this tool.
  • Can fold and consume less room. Sometimes, you need to leave some space for other items. If you don't want this piece anymore, you can fold it and keep it in safe storage with comfort.


  • Keeps oils and lubricants away from the gun
  • Easy to use with a detailed guide
  • Non-slip back to avoid falling on the ground
  • Magnetic tray to hold the items efficiently
  • Quite affordable


  • Not heat resistant


Lyman Essential Gun Maintenance Mat:

Specially designed for the professional gunsmith. You can harness this mat for the proper maintenance of gun parts during the cleaning process and come up with effective results. With cushioned surface, it becomes easy to place your gun parts appropriately, clean them, and prevent risks of traumas. A lot of available features in this tool make it more useful for professionals.

Chemical resistance and rubber elements prepare this mat work for years and let it work smoothly. However, we can have a look at its main features that would help us choose this tool.

  • Resistance for solvent and oil spillovers. It can protect your guns from getting scratched or look messy due to the spillover of lubricants. To make it more efficient, you can apply different techniques.
  • Easy to clean with detergents or soaps. You can make your cleaning mat reusable after proper washing either manually or in the washing machine.
  • Foldable to make the storage effortless. With folding features, it becomes easier to reduce space consumption by cleaning the mat.
  • Chemical resistance helps in multiple cases. Rubber parts of this cleaning mat make it non-slippery to support your gun.


  • Washable with soaps and other relevant detergents
  • Long-lasting polymer to make it work for years.
  • Easy to use and understand
  • Non-slip back to prevent falling of gun parts


  • Contains too small space for placing the gun parts during gun cleaning
  • Comprises large sticky label that is hard to remove


GloryFire Double Thickness Gun Cleaning Mat:

With a size of 12"x36" inches, this is one of the largest pieces available for gun cleaning protection. Guaranteed cleaning and usage for the years is ensured by GloryFire to help the users through the whole process. Apart from that, it has a great resistance for the blunt pressure and keeps the gun accessories assembled effectively for a long time. From the performance and durability perspective, we have included it in our list. To highlight its significance, we have listed some major characteristics of this tool.

  • Detailed guide printed on the Gloryfire gun cleaning mat. If someone is a beginner and doesn't know how exactly he can work with this tool, it is helpful for him to understand the accurate process.
  • Has a strong protective layer to give a new-like appearance. Even if you have used your product, the wiping of oil or lubricants can make it work like a newly purchased Gloryfire gun cleaning mat.
  • Non-slippery and environmentally friendly surface. With this feature, you can bring this product to use for years without getting scrapes.
  • The cushion is powerful enough to work for a long time. That's why we consider this tool more reliable to employ for protected cleaning.


  • A larger size mat works for both the big or small guns
  • Guide to go through step by step working mechanism
  • Durable and strong enough to work for several years
  • After cleaning, looks like a new item


  • No disadvantages are found yet.


How to clean your gun cleaning mat pad?

To let the gun cleaning mat pad work for years, you have to properly maintain it. For this purpose, try to clean the gun cleaning mat pad. Most people make mistakes to place it in the cleaning kit that makes the case even worse. However, here are two methods to clean your gun cleaning mat efficiently.

Manual Method - It includes the cleaning of the gun cleaning pad with the towel or soaps manually. Some people try this way to make the gun cleaning pad more effective for working mechanism.

Washing Machine - Washing machines can also assist in cleaning your mat. While trying this method, you need to make sure, no harsh chemicals are employed.


Have you chosen your gun cleaning mat? You might have come across numerous products that fulfil your needs. In this scenario, it becomes extremely difficult to choose the best. To increase the ease, you can have a look at all the factors essential for selecting the gun cleaning mat. There might be each product with different facilities. So, choose the one that offers you more than your expectations and is cost-effective.


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