Is a Tactical Vest the Same as a Plate Carrier?

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There has been very much confusion among the people about the tactical vest and plate carrier. Due to somewhat similar designs, everyone considers them to be the same. But the fact is, they are not the same. You can observe many points that are helpful to differentiate them.

Let's elaborate on those differentiating factors of the tactical vest and plate carrier.

Tactical Vest

What do you assume from the tactical vest? Tactical vests contain zips in front and serve as storage for guns and pistols. Even you can keep the cross-draw holster in front of the vest.

There are multiple compartments and pouches already present, increasing the ease of keeping pistols. On one side compartment or pockets, you can keep the pistols and guns, while on the other side is designed for putting the first aid kit and survival supplies.

You might wonder if the compartments might make it lose. Do you think like that? If yes, you are wrong. They are fixed and tight, making it easy to run away from danger without losing the balance.

Plate Carrier

The plate carrier is a somewhat different tool from the tactical vests. It not only keeps the ballistic plates but also protects the person from the bullets.

They have multiple parts in which you can keep survival inventory. Due to high safety plans, you can use it in the danger zone and protect yourself from dangerous situations. They look bulky and heavyweight, and in actuality, they are because of protection plates in the vest.

So, you need to purchase them from branded manufacturers like GloryFire for a better experience.

The primary difference

If you are unable to decide whether you should choose the tactical vest or plate, here are differentiating points that will highlight which one you will need. Based on these differences, you can select the best one option available for you.

· Material

Material is an integral component in differentiating both tools.

Tactical vests usually comprise foams, polyester material, and ceramics for primary protection. They are lightweight and less density is due to their material.

The plate carries the ceramics, polyester fibers, polyethylene, and steel present for high-grade protection. Since all these materials are heavy, you can expect them to be heavyweight and difficult to wear.

· Weight

Weight can help us differentiate the tactical vest from the plate carrier.

Tactical vests are usually lightweight. This fact is their primary purpose is to carry the first aid supplies and guns to a greater extent. Moreover, storage items are not much heavier, making it a lighter design than the plate carrier.

A plate carrier has many plates or ceramic materials. Due to heavy protection systems installed, the plate carriers appear weighty and make it difficult to wear. However, you can reduce weight by carrying only the required items.

· Molle

Molle or Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment are also special pouches and carrying equipment.

Tactical vests don't have the Molle. When purchasing the tactical vests, you must order a customized molle for carrying the tools.

In the case of carrier plates, molle is an essential part. You can keep the tools in the molle. To reduce the overall weight of the plate carrier, you should use limited pouches and compartments.

· Heat Consideration

Especially in the summer season, heat is a crucial factor to focus on. You need to sweat heavily, making it uncomfortable to wear the vests or plater.

However, in the case of vests, there is a mechanism for sweating. It makes the cooling process easier wearing it in hot summer.

When it comes to plate carriers, it is a bit different scenario. They do not have cooling mechanisms. So, it can be challenging to wear them in hot weather.

· Easy to Wear

When it comes to easy-to-wear, many factors contribute to this scenario—for example, the vest weight, size, and thickness.

In the case of tactical vests, you have lightweight vests with fit size and less thickening. It makes them favorable for wearing and running.

Plate carriers present the exact opposite scenario. They are thick, heavyweight, and challenging to wear. Your running slows down when wearing them. So, check it out!

· Protection level

Protection level is an essential factor when you are in combat. Continuous firing makes you afraid in such situations.

Tactical bullets have the fundamental bullet protection. You can't achieve higher levels of protection. In the case of protection-level II-A, you will get only basic protection from the hollow bullets. For advanced protection, you need to choose either plate carrier or advanced level vests.

Plate carriers are specifically designed for this purpose. They offer military-grade protection making it easy to achieve higher levels of security.

· Concealability

Concealability is a factor that changes a person's thinking about the vests and plate carriers.

Tactical vests are usually thin and easy to conceal under your professional uniform. Some vests are thicker as well. They can not be concealed. So, choose everything accordingly.

Plate carriers are heavyweight and thicker, making it difficult to conceal them. So, you need to wear them outside of your uniform.

Which one is better?

We can not decide without keeping multiple factors in mind. For example, if you need safety from the front bullets, a plate would be the best option. If you want to keep the items, tactical vests would be the best choice. So, it all depends on your preference, what you need, and how you need it.

Usually, due to lightweight, quality materials, and relevant features, tactical vests are a better option. For advanced-level security, you can buy advanced-level tactical vests.

Best Tactical Vest to Buy

There are hundreds of types of vests out there. Even though there are many brands, popular ones ensure the quality of tactical vests. So, I have listed one of those brands for tactical vests that would be helpful for you to buy.

GloryFire Tactical Vest

GloryFire tactical vests are a popular choice for the customers due to their ultimate holster design and safe packing of bullets. In emergency cases, you need this tactical vest for better combat and fight purposes.

Even in practice, you can wear these tactical vests and increase your performance to higher levels. Here are some top features of the GloryFire tactical vest.

· Key features 

  • Holster design for attaching the pistol and detachment during the combat. The whole process is fast and easy, helping in emergencies.
  • Composed of 600D Oxford Fabric and 100% Polyester Mesh that is durable and high-quality materials.
  • Adjustable shoulder and side straps make it easy to adjust the size as per requirements.
  • Available in different sizes. So, suitable for everyone.

· Pros

  • Versatile design.
  • Emergency drag handle
  • Easy to wear equipment
  • Cost-effective product

· Cons

  • A Handgun holster is somehow loose.

Best Tactical Plate to Buy

Do you need the ultimate protection from the bullets? Here is GloryFire tactical plate that is the best choice for every customer.

GloryFire Tactical Plate

GloryFire brand has something special for you. You can explore multiple varieties of inventory, including firearms, ponchos, tents, and vests. Every product is available at affordable prices enabling better protection.

When it comes to GloryFire's tactical plate, it doesn't disappoint us. The removable anti-slip tactical plate makes it easy to wear and tear.

However, let me explain the key features of this tactical plate, including the pros and cons.

· Key features 

  • Emergency drag handle and anti-slip padded shoulder pads make it easy to remove this plate whenever you are in an emergency.
  • Hook and loop webbing on the shoulder straps is the best option.
  • Padded mesh interior lining is also available.
  • Two years guarantee makes the return process quite simple and boosts customers' confidence.

· Pros

  • Easy to use with adjustable straps
  • Anti-slip easy removable mechanism installed.
  • A cost-effective product is there for you.
  • Two years guarantee

· Cons

  • There are some sizing problems with this plate.

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